Beňová showed her daughter and a figure in a swimsuit: Her beach equipment is not a cheap affair – Star cases – Cocktail

MEP Monika Beňová repeats her role as a mother after more than two decades. And it seems that he enjoys the time with his several-month-old daughter Leo and his partner Ľubomír Klč above all.

In the case of 52-year-old Beňová, this is also proven by footage from her Instagram, which supplies her fan (and follower) base quite often. The last days were marked by rest and vacation, which the whole family spent by the water.

Even on that occasion, the politician performed in front of the lens in a swimsuit, with a satisfied daughter in her arms. It is clear that he likes one-piece models and it is also true that it is not a cheap salvation. After all, Monika Beňová has always had a weakness for branded fashion from luxury names.

In this case, the 52-year-old mother transferred a striped Missoni model, the price of which exceeds the amount of 300 euros. However, it has even more expensive models in beach equipment. On her Instagram, for example, you can see a video from the swimming lesson she took with her daughter. And in one-piece swimsuits by Christian Dior. These are sold on the official website of the French fashion studio for 500 euros.

Although she enjoys branded pieces quite regularly, maybe others will be added to her wardrobe soon – a birthday party is waiting for Beňová in August, so it is clear that her loved ones and friends have plenty of gift tips. The social networks and the Instagram platform are then a guarantee that some of them will soon be seen by the public on a well-known carrier.