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Home Entertainment Bernard Montiel says he was "raped", Cyril Hanouna the live

Bernard Montiel says he was "raped", Cyril Hanouna the live

The host Bernard Montiel at Roland-Garros on June 5, 2018. – NIVIERE / HAEDRICH JEAN-MARC / SIPA

Better to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking. Last night on the set of "Touch not at my post", Cyril Hanouna invited his columnists to talk about their most passionate idylls. A game that Mathieu Delormeau, Benjamin Castaldi or Bernard Montiel lent themselves easily. It was without counting that the latter was going to skid.

After confiding "to be released" with the American actress Faye Dunaway, the 61-year-old comedian came out at close range: "She raped me, in fact". He then added, "No, but I say that like that, it was funny. The story was funny. I know the word is strong. "

"You can not say such bullshit"

These words then sent a cold on the set, and Cyril Hanouna did not hide to reframe the chronicler concerned in full direct. "No, but you can not say that. There are people watching us, who really know it. You can not say such bullshit, "he said.

To which Bernard Montiel replied: "She jumped on me. It was nice. I wanted to Finally, it would not be a rape, but a sexual relationship between the two people.

This flop comes the day after a bad "joke" made by Jean-Marie Bigard. The humorist had mimed in a sketch a scene of rape, provoking a general uneasiness among the public and the chroniclers. So much so that Cyril Hanouna, embarrassed, had left the set for a few seconds, before letting go: "We do not endorse this joke at all. We are shocked. Jean-Marie, why did you do that? ".


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