Blessing for the new logistics truck in Neukirchen bei Heiligen Blut – Cham Region – News

03. August 2022
5:00 a.m

  • Pastor Georg Englmeier blessed the new logistic equipment truck of the Neukirchen b. Holy Blood. Photos: Helga Brandl
  • KBR Michael Stahl (right) presented a Christophorus medal from KFV Cham to Commander Bachl.

Neukirchen b. Holy Blood.The FFW in Neukirchen b. Hl. Blut (district of Cham) an unforgettable day to bless the logistics equipment truck, including the expansion of the parking space at the fire brigade center.

Pastor Georg Englmeier celebrated the service in the new extension, which was attended by numerous festival visitors and guests of honor and which was accompanied by music by the Rittsteiger Dreig’sang. Members of the youth fire brigade took over the teaching duties.

The priest interpreted the gospel message with a comparison: “We have to move away from the mirror of self-reflection towards the window with a view of God and creatures – this also includes helping others. This draws the attention of the fire brigade to those who need help in the event of a fire or an accident.”

look back

Englmeier blessed the hall and the new emergency vehicle, which enables the emergency services to rescue, extinguish and recover. Peter Staudacher thanked the helpers and praised the commitment of the team. Commander Bernhard Bachl flashed back to the two necessary measures. In consultation with the community and district fire service management, the equipment truck Logistics 1 was purchased, which, equipped with various mobile containers, can be used regionally and nationally and enables combined use for firefighting and technical assistance. The vehicle has a relay cabin and all-wheel drive. The Iveco chassis carries a Glück box body with two equipment compartments. Battery rescue shears and spreaders, defibrillator and power generator are in the construction.

Due to the mobile extinguishing system and the size of the GWL1, the logistics vehicle can also be used for forest and vegetation fires. The total costs of 174,925 euros are made up of subsidies from the state and district, a contribution from the Neukirchen fire brigade of 25,000 euros and the municipality’s own contribution of 104,565 euros.

Preliminary talks for expanding the parking space with storage options have been underway since 2020. The project “Anbau FWZ” was created with 2053 hours on their own by the active members and 112 working days. Thanks to the enormous diligence of the firefighters, the construction costs of 128,000 euros were reduced by 70,000 euros and the municipal budget – capped at 30,000 euros – was kept.

Thanks for support

In addition to the team, thanks were due to all donors and companies who contributed to the implementation through special conditions, as well as the mayor and the market council for their support. “I’m super proud of what has been created, especially of the people behind it,” said Commander Bachl.

“The population has been able to rely on the Neukirchner fire brigade for 155 years,” stated Mayor Markus Müller, not only praising their commitment to extinguishing, rescuing and protecting, but also thinking about the future. What was created here is absolutely timely for the safety of the population. In addition to the vehicle procurement and the extension, the energy self-sufficiency through the photovoltaic system on the roof of the FW center with electricity storage is worth mentioning. On behalf of the district administrator, Müller presented commander Bernhard Bachl with a rosary and the vehicle key.

In view of the impressive festive service, District Fire Councilor Michael Stahl stated: “Church and fire department belong together and are lived appreciation.” Florian, the patron saint of fire brigades, also derived the usual radio call names for the vehicles: “Florian Neukirchen 55/1” covers the topic of logistics. Stahl: “When we look through the window, everything is in flux, but in view of climate change and the energy transition, it is important to prepare well as a fire brigade. Firefighting is not just a task for a few, but a social task that challenges us. The new logistics vehicle is well stationed in Neukirchen and will do its job.”

He paid tribute to all his comrades who, in addition to work and family, sacrificed their free time to get involved in the “vehicle and attachment” procurement measures. For the first time, KBR Stahl presented a Christophorus medal from the district fire brigade association, which is intended to accompany the drivers and protect them from danger.

On Saturday the musicians from Grenzfeuer heated up the atmosphere in the marquee, on Sunday Erwin Breu provided the musical entertainment, while the guests followed the open day in the fire brigade center or enjoyed coffee and cake and culinary delicacies.

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