Blood Moon can be seen in Mexico

Mexico.- With the arrival of autumn, not only do the climatic conditions that are preferred for some begin, but also one of the most striking astronomical phenomena will occur: The Blood Moon.

For many, the autumn moons, and especially those of October, are the most beautiful due to the size or the lighting that they usually show at certain stages of their cycle. And now, in the month of October, the Blood Moon will be one of the main phenomena in the night skies.


What is the Blood Moon and how does it occur?
According to NASA, the Blood Moon phenomenon is something that occurs when a total lunar eclipse is recorded.

The Blood Moon is recorded when the Earth is placed between the Moon and the Sun, thus causing the light that the star king projects towards the Moon to be covered, causing it to be dressed only in a red tone as it cannot be correctly sunlit.

The only light that reaches the Moon’s surface is from the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere. Air molecules in the atmosphere spread out most of the blue light. The remaining light reflects off the Moon’s surface and takes on a reddish color that makes the Moon appear to ‘bleed’ into the night sky, according to NASA.

When will the Blood Moon occur?
The next Blood Moon can be seen during the night of this Sunday, October 9.

One of the recommendations to be able to enjoy this astronomical phenomenon is to be in a place with little light pollution in order to better appreciate the sky and be able to see these phases of the Moon without major problems.

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