Board approves millionaire loan to cover Nenecho’s bicycle

Despite the questions due to the lack of documentation for an in-depth study on the financial situation of the capital city, the bankruptcy alert and the jump in legal proceedings, the majority of the Reds related to Óscar Nenecho Rodríguez in the Municipal Board of Asunción approved yesterday a credit of G. 270,000 million for the payment of salaries, irregular withholding expense not deposited to the Municipal Fund of Loans and suppliers.

In this way, the communal legislature gives a cushion to the elected mayor before he takes office, already delimited in this way from the debt that was contracted, because in the last months of his administration he did not comply with his obligations.

In a hurry and trying to avoid the debate on the meteoric approval of the favorable opinion of the Finance and Budget Commission of the Municipal Board for a new debt requested by the General Directorate of Administration and Finance of the Municipal Administration, the millionaire loan was approved without details and without the certainty that the G. 270,000 million are used correctly.

Councilor Federico Franco Troche warned in plenary about the lack of technical and legal analysis on the legal validity of what was sought to be approved meteorically. “When an administrative act is lacking in its procedure, it is void,” he said.

He stressed that the councilors did not receive any details of the temporary deficit of the box and that the referral to the Finance Commission was submitted for consideration with an Excel spreadsheet that does not have the signature of a person in charge or the address that takes charge.

The payroll details that some G. 180,000 million will be for the payment of salaries from October to December including bonuses, G. 20,000 million to cover the amount discounted to municipal officials for the Municipal Loan Fund that were never deposited by the Commune and finally some G. 70,000 million to honor debts with suppliers.

Troche questioned that the officials had not been paid, claiming that the income was not enough, however, the Municipality had highlighted that in 2021 there was a record collection. A contradiction.

He also wondered what happened to the money that was not deposited in the box after having discounted it from the officials and finally asked for answers about why debts dating from 1997 appear on the payment list to providers; in any case, a debt that should have prescribed.

Councilors Elvio Segovia, Álvaro Grau and Orlando Fiorotto questioned the debts of more than 20 years ago.

Councilors José Alvarenga and Félix Ayala only spoke to motion to close the debate and proceed to the vote that finally ended with the approval of a debt by 9 votes to 8.

The councilors who voted in favor of the debt were José Alvarenga, Fabiana Benegas de Sánchez, Ireneo Román, Ricardo Martínez, Gabriel Calonga, Mariano Cáceres, Augusto Wagner, Félix Ayala, Karen Forcado. Javier Pintos abstained from voting.

Bankrupt municipality
Councilor Álvaro Grau pointed out that today there is a municipality in bankruptcy due to the debt model that has continued for decades.
” We have a broken Municipality. The problem is when you knowingly bankrupt it. It was not done clumsily or unknowingly. It was known, “he said.
He argued that there are more and more doubts about where the money from the new debt will end up and how the Commune is administered.
” It is a joke that comes out that is due to suppliers since 1997. This Board is limited to being a passerelle. They even robbed us of autonomy. The Board is a controlling body. This Board has not asserted itself as a controlling body, ” he lamented.
For his part, the Colorado Orlando Fiorotto said that we must not remain silent in the face of what is happening, that the list of suppliers is not sent in the folder sent to the Board. ” We always demand transparency. Legality, make everything public. We do not know who to pay when we know that the suppliers are in doubt (Nenecho papers) ”, he launched.

The loan must be for another purpose, not to pay what was discounted and withheld from municipal officials.
Orlando Fiorotto,
concejal (ANR).

There is debt from Martín Burt to César Ojeda. This must be analyzed before approving a debt.
Federico Franco Troche,
councilor (JP).

You do not want the main person responsible for this (Óscar Rodríguez) to have to ask for the loan.
Elvio Segovia,
Councilor (PDP).

million guaraníes is the loan requested for the deficit of the Caja de la Municipalidad de Asunción.

million guaraníes is for payment of salary for October, November, December and bonuses for officials.

millions of guaraníes to cover the amount discounted to officials for the Fund that were not deposited.

million guaraníes is to respond to the debt with the suppliers of the Municipality of Asunción.

million was the cash deficit when Nenecho Rodríguez took office and that climbed to 165,000 million in 2020.