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Bond 25: after Léa Seydoux, another central character from Specter will be back – Movie News

Daniel Craig aka James Bond will re-cross the road of a central character of Spectrum, and mythology 007.

For Christoph Waltz, it was a no in 2017. For the podcast The Words Are Not Enoughit was a yes since last April. It is now reconfirmed by another source, and relayed: the Oscar winner will resume its role as Blofeld in Bond 25, having faced 007 in Spectrum.

An important return for several reasons, since Léa Seydoux will be there also in Bond 25, which therefore has the airs of true following Spectrum. But it is also a major moment for the saga, Blofeld being the biggest antagonist of the spy.

Photo Christoph WaltzChristoph Waltz happy to come back

Head of the criminal organization SPECTER, evoked from James Bond 007 against Dr. No, Blofeld appears as a mysterious presence in Good kisses from Russia and Operation Thunder. In We only live twice, At the secret service of his majesty and Diamonds are eternalhe becomes the real antagonist to the image, and will still try to kill James Bond in Just for your eyes. It is there that he is (finally) killed by the hero.

Blofeld reappeared in Spectrumas Christoph Waltz. The actor had later expressed regret about this role and its interpretation, speaking of a lack of inspiration. Spectrum had disappointed many spectators after the phenomenon Sky Fall, first episode of the saga to spend the billion at the box office (Spectrum stopped at 880 million).

photo, Donald PleasenceDonald Pleasence in We live only twice

The return of Blofeld may give a big clue to anyone who sees Bond 25 a last lap for Daniel Craig in tribute to At the secret service of his majesty, very special episode of the franchise. At the end of the film, the woman he loves was killed by Blofeld, giving a very dark conclusion to the adventure. The return of Léa Seydoux could thus indicate that this last episode with Daniel Craig would be very personal for the spy: to lose again the one he likes, after the shock of the death of Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, would be an excellent trigger for an ultimate adventure in revenge against Blofeld.

Absolutely nothing confirmed here, only a theory and desires. Especially since the character incarnated by Rami Malek is billed as the big villain of this 25th episode, and that some rumors speak of a minor return of Blofeld, imprisoned and questioned by the character of Léa Seydoux to know more about the antagonist.

Bond 25, along with Ana de Armas, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Wishaw and Jeffrey Wright, will be released on April 8, 2020. Cary Fukunaga replaced Danny Boyle, first director chosen and left after a few months to work on the screenplay.

photo, Daniel Craig, Eva GreenThe spectrum of Vesper

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