Boston thrashes the Astros and takes advantage in the Championship Series

The Boston Red Sox took advantage of their home status at Fenway Park to take the lead in the American League Championship Series by beating the Houston Astros 12 runs to 3.

The Boston team took advantage of a six-run rally in the second half to take the lead. Same that they extended to the next inning with three more lines at home.

Situation that the visiting team tried to counteract in the fourth inning, where they got the only three runs of the game and put the game 9-3 at that time.

It was in the bottom of the sixth inning that the Boston team’s timbers thundered again, with two more runs. While the latter came in the bottom of the eighth to put the final 12-3 on the board.

With this result, the Boston team achieved their second victory in the American League Championship Series and to take a 2-1 lead over the Astros, the series will continue on Tuesday.

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