Great Britain,

01 Nov 2020.

British scientists have asked the country’s government to add vitamin D to common foods such as bread and milk, which they believe will help protect the population from coronavirus infection.

A group of experts led by Dr. Gareth Davis found that about half of the UK population is deficient in this element. Low vitamin D levels weaken the immune system, making it most vulnerable to various infections, including coronavirus. During a pandemic, the human body especially needs nutrients.

The practice of adding the vitamin to milk, bread and orange juice is present in Finland, Canada, Australia and Sweden, while the British government rejects the idea.

“In my opinion, it is clear that vitamin D can not only protect against the severity of the disease, but also against infection. Food fortification will require careful planning for effective implementation, especially with people now taking supplements. Care must be taken when choosing the right enrichment products. But it’s clear that current policies are not working – at least half of the population is vitamin D deficient, ”Davis said.

Adrian Martino, a professor of respiratory infections at Queen Mary University in London, added that most people ignore British public health advice about taking vitamin D supplements. The specialist noted that even he sometimes forgets to take vitamins on time.

The main source of this element is sunlight. However, Britain is famous for its cloudy weather, which is why in the period from October to March the country’s population is forced to “extract” the vitamin from foods such as fatty fish, eggs and some fruits.

LIVE24 previously reported that vegetarians are at high risk of contracting coronavirus. Their diet contains a minimum amount of animal products, which contain useful vitamins.


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