Ibrahim Miri, head of the Miri clan in Bremen, was already deported to Lebanon. Now he is back in Germany and uses all the tricks to stay there.

  • Ibrahim Miri is back in Bremen after being deported.
  • The head of the Miri clan defends itself with all means against another deportation.
  • Even a lawsuit against the Bremen Interior Senator seems possible.

Update of November 7, 2019: New insights into the reentry of the Lebanese clan chief Ibrahim Miri put the German authorities a new task. Only a few days, the previously deported clan chief resident in Lebanon, before he began his illegal return to Germany. The reports mirror,

With a faked pass Miri is said to have traveled to Turkey. Der Spiegel refers to a hearing, which Ibrahim Miri, his lawyer and two employees of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) participated. The conversation took place on Wednesday morning, November 6, 2019, in the Bremen police headquarters. Already two days after his arrival in Lebanon, the clan boss wants to know that he is looking for him.

Clan Chief: Only a few days in Lebanon

According to the reasoning in the asylum application, Miri was in the focus of members of a large Shiite family, who wanted to revenge themselves on him due to a blood feud conflict. Miri was therefore in mortal danger in Lebanon and therefore left the country after only two days and flew to Adana in Turkey.

For three months Miri hid under a false name in Turkey, before he entered Germany with help of smugglers and together with refugees in a truck. More precisely: to Nuremberg. After several days in the truck, he arrived there on 25 October. He then traveled to Bremen, where he presented himself to the German authorities.

He wants to leave his social milieu and start a new life, the clan boss is loud mirror insured in the hearing.

Chief of the Miri clan in detention – brother-in-law Unkt: "He can do anything"

Message of November 6,
Update 11:59 am:

Clan boss Miri Ibrahim is to remain in detention until 2 December. The conditions are looser there than in detention – Miri should even have a cell phone. A brother-in-law Miris told the Bild-Zeitung (Wednesday edition): "We talked to Ibo on Sunday. He is with others, he can do anything. "

Update of November 6, 2019: After the re-entry of the Bremen clan boss Ibrahim Miri, the government seems to have woken up to Horst Seehofer. Now the Minister of the Interior reaches through. As the image reports, the Federal Police has been instructed from this Wednesday to more controls at the borders to track down people who want to travel despite entry restrictions in the Federal Republic. Seehofer told the newspaper: "The Federal Police should carry out flexible checks at all German borders."

Update of November 5, 2019: The notorious clan leader Ibrahim Miri is not deterred by prohibitions. Four months ago, a court ruled that he would not be allowed to enter Germany for seven years following his deportation. Now he is back – and from the looks of it, he would always go the same way.

Clan boss Ibrahim Miri – brother explains what would happen if re-deported

The trapped clan chief has filed an application for asylum, which also needs to be processed. Although he faces a penalty for violating the entry ban, the BAMF still has to look at his application.

But as it seems Miri would not be deterred by a rejection. His brother speaks to the image The following threat: "If they deport Ibrahim, he will come back." That is indeed possible – because he can always make a new asylum application, only a new justification would then be due each time. But the chances of success would decline. In the next few days, the BAMF is expected to decide on the application of Miri.

His brother-in-law does not seem to doubt the possibility of re-entering clan boss Ibrahim Miri. "Our contacts are everywhere. From Lebanon to Europe, "he explains image, According to his brother, Miri could live well in Lebanon – but he would face a blood feud there.

Bremen: Police "puzzled" – Miri clan boss after deportation back – soon at large?

Update of November 3, 2019: Clan boss Ibrahim Miri is back in Germany – a circumstance that causes amazement and horror. According to a report of the World on Sunday Germany had warned transit states of Miri and asked for help to prevent this particular case. However, remarkably unsuccessful.

Like the sister sheet Picture on Sunday According to reports, the criminal leader of the Lebanese Miri clan illegally traveled from Lebanon to Germany with the help of smugglers.

According to the report, this is the result of Miri's three-page asylum application, which his lawyer faxed to the field office of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) on 30 October. It says that Miri "with the help of helpers" a passport and had "secretly via Syria in Turkey" entered. From Turkey he had managed to enter "with the help of smugglers by land to the Federal Republic of Germany".

Ibrahim Miri back in Bremen – police surprised by decision of the court

According to the newspaper, the decision of the responsible local court does not cause Miri to be taken into custody. In police circles one is "surprised", they say. The clan chief's violation of the entry ban would have been sufficient to detain him in the face of a suspended 2014 sentence Jerkin Sources from the police. Also, the prosecutor's office has made an appropriate application. Nevertheless, initially only deportation was imposed.

Spicy: According to the newspaper is in police circles the fear that even those expiring on 2 December deportation detention can no longer be upheld as soon as his asylum application is under review.

Meanwhile, the Bamf has announced a quick processing of the asylum application filed by Miri. "We will examine his request with the necessary acceleration – after all, it is a serious criminal, the re-entry was prohibited," said Bamf CEO Hans-Eckhard Sommer Picture on Sunday,

"But I also say that asylum is a fundamental right, so we will carefully consider this request in accordance with all legal requirements," added Sommer.

Head of the Bremen Miri clan back after deportation – now he uses all the tricks

Update of November 2, 2019: It sounds like in the movie: Ibrahim Miri, the head of the Miri clan in Bremen, has been deported after a SEK mission, but suddenly he appears in a refugee home again. He is again arrested, arrested in detention (see update below) and now hopes for the whole leniency of German law. With his lawyer he wants to defend himself against deportation detention and another deportation.

Interior Senator Ulrich Mäurer (68) from the SPD states: "We knew that he had left Lebanon. It was clear he was trying to get back to Bremen. "He himself is now in the crosshairs of the clan chief. Miri apparently sued him. Thus it reports the picture newspaper in a new report.

It also states that lawyer Miris considers the "violent manner" of his deportation with special forces to be "unlawful and in violation of human rights". He had therefore filed a lawsuit against the Senator for Home Affairs at the Administrative Court.

Ibrahim Miri wants to "leave the previous social milieu"

But that's not all: Furthermore, it was not taken into account that Miri has an employment relationship (allegedly in a company that waits railroad tracks) and a girlfriend. The expect even a child, so the lawyer continues.

Timmer describes: "Mr. Miri wanted to move with his sick and cared for by his mother from Bremen to the partner and their son in another state."

Miri should even have "left the previous social milieu". He now wants to do his job and be there for his wife and children, explains the lawyer.

Miri clan boss speaks of blood revenge by Hezbollah militia

And: Miri claims that he is threatened with death in Lebanon "from circles of Hezbollah militia". An old blood revenge conflict, it is apparently.

According to the clan expert Ralph Ghadban (70) "blood revenge would be no understandable reason to get asylum in Germany".

While many politicians demand a tougher approach against clans, the report image on statements from relatives Miris, who hope the opposite: "Ibrahim's lawyer has told us that he will be released very soon …."

Also read: In Leipzig, the situation escalated during a planned deportation of a refugee – it came to attacks on the police.

Bremen: Clan boss Miri after deportation back in Germany: Politicians horrified

Update 9:25 pm: The return of a leading clan member to Bremen causes consternation. The Bremer FDP called it incomprehensible that the deported intensive offender Ibrahim Miri re-entry to Germany succeeded. "Normally, a ban on entry and residence is imposed on deported foreigners throughout the Schengen area. Apparently, the EU's external borders do not seem to have sufficient control, "said FDP domestic politician Birgit Bergmann.

"Such cases are detrimental to the acceptance of asylum and residence rights, and especially to those migrants who behave in exemplary fashion in Germany."

The Bremen Interior Department announced that illegal entry is punishable by imprisonment of up to three years. The Interior Senator will apply to the District Court deportation detention.

Update from October 31, 2019: The deportation of the powerful clan chief Ibrahim Miri was celebrated by the authorities as a great success. But now Miri is back in Bremen – apparently he has come back illegally and now wants to apply for asylum.

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said the image In addition: "It makes furious how a criminal clan boss tries to ridicule our constitutional state." The Bremen justice senator must now take Miri immediately in detention and neither deport, so Ziemiak on.

According to information of the sheet, a magistrate has imposed on Wednesday deportation until 2 December 2019.

Powerful clan boss Miri after deportation back in Bremen

Update from October 30, 2019: Following his deportation to Lebanon, a leading member of the Lebanese Miri clan is back in Bremen. This was confirmed by the Bremen Interior Department on Wednesday. "There is a ban on entry and residence. The entry was therefore obviously illegal, corresponding criminal investigations were initiated, "said spokeswoman Karen Stroink.

About the return of the man had first reported Radio Bremen. Accordingly, the clan member traveled to the smallest state to apply for asylum. According to the report, his lawyer said his client is threatened with death by Shiite militias in Lebanon. He also wanted to take legal action against the deportation.

Bremen: Mighty clan chief surprised at night – SEC deployment and deportation to Lebanon

Bremen – He is the head of a family clan comprising several thousand members. And according to the investigators deeply involved in the trade of drugs and weapons – about 100 offenses should be blamed him. Now Ibrahim Miri was deported. According to information of image in a night-and-fog action (article behind a payment barrier).

The preparation of the operation, which is called in police circles "disturbance of the night's rest of Mr. Miri", is said to have taken months. Everything was done in a matter of hours. So should have sneaked special forces at 3.40 clock in the accommodation of the 46-year-old in Bremen's Bahnhofsviertel. The elite police had changed his bed, woke Miri and taken away.

Ibrahim Miri deported to Lebanon: SEK surprised him in Bremen

An available helicopter had brought him from the Hanseatic city to Berlin's airport Sch̦nefeld, where at 6.20 clock a Learjet Рthe flight lesson costs aloud image 50,000 euros Рwith Miri aboard towards Lebanon took off. Four hours later, the clan chief had landed in Beirut accompanied by masked officials. As the newspaper further reports, Miri was released directly because there was nothing against him in Lebanon.

In Germany, in 2014, he was sentenced to six years' imprisonment for drug-related drug trafficking. Already in 2017 Miri Freigang got. The family clan he quoted, from which more than a thousand members have already faced investigations, should also engage in prostitution and human trafficking. After the Miris had already dominated the Bremen underworld, they should also have spread in North Rhine-Westphalia – more precisely: Essen – and Berlin.

Ibrahim Miri lived in Bremen – deportation came with help from Berlin

Ibrahim Miri has been threatened with deportation for 13 years. But he was considered stateless since he fled Lebanon to Germany in the 1980s. The now deportation is apparently due to the work of Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel. During his visit to Beirut, the SPD politician recently wanted to explore how individual criminals could be deported to the country. Focus Online According to an immigration authority was founded in the Interior Ministry, whose sole purpose is the deportation of criminal foreigners. Geisel himself said recently that he wanted to "uphold the pressure on organized crime".

The case of Miri shows that the authorities are acting more determinedly against large families and clans, it is now also created situation pictures. However, the procedure will not always be repeated. According to the latest survey commissioned by the North Rhine-Westphalian state government, 36 percent of criminal clan members in the NRW stronghold have German citizenship and can not be deported any more than Syrians, whose share in NRW clans is 13 percent.

Bremen: Miri clan now without a boss? Entry ban of up to ten years

And Miri, who was also the boss of the now banned rock club Mongols MC Bremen, could quickly employ the German authorities again. Although he may not return so quickly to the Federal Republic. Christian Cardone, lawyer for alien law, called in the image an entry ban of up to five years. This could even be extended to up to ten years for offenders. However, it is possible to request a reduction "if he has a wife and child with a residence permit".

However, a clan insider emphasized in the sheet: "If he wants, he can always return to Germany. The controls are slack. "In addition, Miri can also control his business from Lebanon. Clan expert Mathias Rohe from the University of Erlangen commented similarly Focus Online: "The criminal activities are not terminated immediately, after all, the deportees from abroad can continue to influence. In any case, we will not solve the fundamental problem. "

At the Conference of Interior Ministers, there was disagreement between the ruling parties on deportations. As reported by Merkur.de *, a police officer was seriously injured during a deportation at Munich Airport.

In front of an Aldi south of Hamburg, bloody attacks between clan members took place in Seevetal in Lower Saxony, as reported by nordbuzz.de *.

* Merkur.de and nordbuzz.de are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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