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Brexit last: 80 Tories threaten to decline Theresa May plans in the Commons showdown TONIGHT | Politics | news

Up to 80 Tory backbenchers are threatening to deny the Prime Minister's support in today's referendum of the Commons Commons on a government proposal supporting their push for a revised Brexit deal. The allies, led by Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg, allied with the European Research Group, claim that the motion effectively excludes a no-deal Brexit. Several Cabinet Ministers also considered giving up when a longer delay in the withdrawal process was agreed.

"It would be very difficult to stay in government if anything other than a short extension is passed," a cabinet source said.

Tory's euro skeptics were furious when Olly Robbins, the chief official of the British Brexit negotiating team, was heard in the bar in Brussels earlier this week, suggesting that the prime minister will order a "long" Brexit delay, instead of allowing a no-deal withdrawal from the block.

They threatened to send a signal of anger by rebelling today's vote.

"We are not happy. It has to be angry, "said a high-ranking Tory MP allied with the European Research Group (ERG).

Brexit News Theresa May

Theresa May faces a Tory Brexiteers' revolt tomorrow amid growing concern over Britain's exit (Photo: GETTY)


Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg, President of the European Research Group (Image: Getty Images)

ERG members collided with the party's whips during a "fiery" meeting held Tuesday at the government's Whips Office.

The nervousness over a possible delay in Brexit became even more intense when the Prime Minister did not oppose the idea of ​​extending the EU exit procedure under Article 50.

Ms May was asked to rule out the postponement of the Brexit date on 29 March during the prime minister's questions in the House of Commons, saying to the MEPs: "It is very clear that the government's position remains the same – Parliament voted in favor of Article 50; that had a two-year deadline, which ended on March 29; We want to leave with a deal and that's what we work for. "

She also rejected speculation about Mr. Robbins' remarks and said she was glad not to be asked "what someone said to someone as heard by someone else in a bar".

United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum

The nervousness about a possible Brexit delay then strengthened yesterday (Image: Getty Images)

Tory's deputy Henry Smith, who asked her to rule out a Brexit delay, told the Daily Express that he was suspicious of her response.

He said, "She's in the middle of a trial, so she's barely able to shut things out or not.

"However, I fear there is a chance that Brexit will be delayed by a possible extension of Article 50."

He added, "We hear a lot from the business community that they do not like uncertainty, and delaying the process without speeding up the negotiations would further upset those concerned and ease uncertainty.

United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum

The Brexit appointment is due on March 29th (Image: Getty Images)

"If that happened, it would come within the range of Brexit's delay."

Eurosceptic Tories on Wednesday complained that the government's motion for today's vote could effectively reiterate an amendment to an earlier request fourteen days ago, calling on ministers to avoid a no-deal Brexit.

Downing Street officials rejected the amendment tabled by Tory Dame Caroline Spelman and Jack Dromey of Labor as a non-binding gesture after being supported by a majority of MPs.

However, the ERG members were unwilling to support the last motion unless the wording was changed to leave no-deal brexit as an option.


Tory Lady Caroline Spelman and Labors Jack Dromey (Image: Getty Images)

Former MP Tory Brexiteer Bernard Jenkin told a rally organized by the Eurosceptic Bruges group in Westminster that many of his colleagues are "weighing" whether they will support today's government vote.

He said that the members of the ERG had voted "through teeth teeth" a fortnight ago to confirm the Prime Minister's approach.

"They weigh what they will do with this rather unnecessary and divisive move," he said.

"However, it is a kind of insult to assume that the Prime Minister will vote for something the Prime Minister voted against last week. It is bizarre. We have to watch this room. "

A member of the ERG told the BrexitCentral website: "We told the government very clearly that we would not support this request, in fact we asked them to actually request it and asked them at the highest level to withdraw it," but they have made absolutely no announcement – we despair. "

ERG's deputy chairman Mark Francois said the government's proposal "does not exclude agreement and removes our bargaining power in Brussels".

He said the ministers had rejected requests to rewrite the motion.

The spokesman for the Prime Minister insisted last night that the motion for today's vote does not rule out a no-deal Brexit.


EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier (Image: Getty Images)

He said, "What the motion reflects is the position that the Prime Minister put forward after these votes, and Parliament wants the United Kingdom to break with an agreement, but to do that we need to make legally binding changes to the relationship make a stop. "

He added, "No-deal is a contingency we want to avoid, but one we're still planning for, is there no-deal on the table, the answer is yes."

EU Council President Donald Tusk risked worsening sentiment in the Brexit negotiations by attempting to blame the United Kingdom for the continued stalemate.

"No news is not always good news," the Eurocrat said after a meeting with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier in Brussels, adding that EU member states "are still waiting for concrete, realistic proposals from London to end the Brexit talks. Breaking deadlock ".


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