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In the European Union, and the United Kingdom, while the Brexit negotiations this week failed to make any progress, as both parties are on Friday, know. So, it looks like the dreaded ” no-deal scenario, it is still a step to come closer.

“This week, there will be no significant progress has been made. We can not continue to go on,” said the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, at a joint press conference on Friday.

The United Kingdom came out on Friday with a similar message. “Progress continues to be limited, but our conversations had a positive tone,” said a British diplomat David Frost.

The EU has proposed that by the end of June, an additional round of planning. It is not known whether or not the United Kingdom then begins.

Prior to July 1, the British people to decide whether or not the transition would be extended until after the the december and in the European standards to want to hold on to. In the u.s., Johnson has only once, at the time, so the transition is not to extend, and as of 2021, the Brexit all the way around, you don’t want.

Both parties will give each other the blame of the crash of negotiations

The absolute deadline for a Brexit deal is scheduled for the 31st of October, but as long as the negotiations are over, sitting, looks like that deadline will not be met.

The EU and the UK are in a lot of ways, such as the fishing industry and the competition is still light years away from each other. Barnier accuses the British people that they can have the benefits of the EU, but it is not the burden. On the other side of The Channel to find that you won’t understand the fact that Brussels is not moving, it is.

It is expected that the British prime minister, Johnson, member of the European commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the EU’s president, Charles Michel, this year and next year, in consultation, to try to make their viewpoints closer to each other. However, if that doesn’t work, then it seems to be a hard-Brexit, without a deal is inevitable.



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