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Brexit, the EU alarm goes off: no-deal is closer

For the EU, the hypothesis of a Brexit no-deal is increasingly likely.

The last words of Brussels have come as one frozen shower for London and Theresa May who, according to the most recent press rumors, offered to resign in exchange for Parliament's support for her divorce agreement.

The no-deal hypothesis was expressed by the European Commission itself which did not use means to explain the EU's position in the face of an increasingly uncertain Brexit:

"Because it is increasingly likely that the UK will leave the EU without an agreement on 12 April, the European Commission has completed its no-deal preparations ".

Brexit: no-deal closer

Last week, the EU Council accepted May's requests and therefore postponed the date of Brexit from 29 March to 22 May. A green light, however, conditioned by the acceptance by the British Parliament of the divorce agreement of the Prime Minister (already rejected twice).

If the MPs do not approve the agreement by Friday, the extension will remain valid until April 12th, day in which London will definitely have to declare how it intends to abandon the blockade. The hypothesis of an exit without agreement will therefore remain valid.

"As long as the UK does not tell us otherwise, we will continue to work to be able to contribute to an orderly withdrawal."

The European Union has said it is ready to react to all the options, even and above all the worst: the no-deal.

How the EU is preparing for the no-deal

In order not to be caught unprepared by an exit without agreement, the European Union has already given birth to several measures that will allow it to better face a disordered Brexit. 17 measures out of 19 have already been adopted while the rest will be introduced shortly.

"The measures taken by the EU to avoid greater damage in the air, rail, road and sea transport, trade, fishing, Erasmus, citizen mobility and funds The EU is unilateral, limited in time, and does not replace the divorce agreement. "

Among the most significant services, too the establishment of a toll-free number (00 800 67891011) in all the official languages ​​to contact in case of doubts about how to prepare for the most feared scenario, that of a Brexit no-deal.


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