Brie Larson goes from starring in tapes to youtuber

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“Thanks for watching my first YouTube video. It was great to learn from everyone who joined. Be sure to follow us. Leave a comment to let me know which creators you should also be working with, please. I am very excited about this trip, make sure tell me what you want to see. I like it or subscribe if you want … or not. You decide! “were the introductory words of Brie Larson when presenting her YouTube channel.

The actress who gave life to the Captain Marvel He decided to open his own channel, which in just two hours already had almost 40,000 subscribers.

The American actress, director, screenwriter and singer, winner, among others, of the award Oscar, Golden GlobeThe Bafta Award and Actors Guild Award for Best Actress of 2015 were shown naturally in her presentation, without makeup and far from the famous poses of Hollywood.

He also shared the mistakes in his first videos, which caused several smiles among his followers for the faces the actress makes during the interactions.

The actress decided to open this space to talk about things that concern her personally, such as the environment, social and political aspects; without leaving aside more relaxed aspects of daily life and her work as an actress.

“There will also be deep conversations, anti-racist rhetoric, exclusive content,” said the actress.

In her debut on the platform, Brie Larson spoke and introduced several youtubers, who have inspired her whose steps she wants to follow.

Willing to show her true personality

Brie Larson noted that she was afraid to present her true personality, but she wants to share something else with people.

“YouTube has been a place where I have learned a lot. From how to use my printer to how to improve as a social rights activist. Come on, let this be the perfect place to talk about the things that really matter. For a long time, the The image the world has had of me is based exclusively on selected excerpts from the interviews that I give linked to a specific project that I am promoting, which is why I have long doubted whether it was appropriate to reveal too much about myself, “said the actress.

He added, “partly because of fear of the unknown, but also because I had the idea that people would not believe me afterwards playing other characters. So I see my channel as a way to break with this line of thinking and become more vulnerable and open about my shortcomings, about what I am passionate about and who I really am. “

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