Brit ‘drug dealer’ extradited to the United Kingdom from Thailand collapses in jail with suspected coronavirus

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An inmate who caused a coronavirus scare in a UK prison is an alleged drug lord recently extradited from Thailand.

Mark Rumble was reportedly arrested on a Harley Davidson motorcycle in Pattaya, Thailand, in November, before being returned to the United Kingdom when he was accused of supplying Class A drugs to tourists. It is understood that he denies the accusations.

The 31-year-old man caused massive panic at HMP Bullingdon High Security Prison after collapsing in his cell a few days after arriving, reports The Sun.

According to the newspaper, a source said that a whole wing was locked last night and that inmates are forced to remain in their cells, with three convicted on trial.

The heads of category B facilities in Oxfordshire still await the results of Rumble and another man, which are expected today at some point.

The source said: “The jail has been in panic mode since the first person collapsed.

Rumble has been photographed with several celebrities in Thailand, including boxing champion Ricky Hatton; there are no indications that he is involved in the accusations
(Image: Facebook)

“Several hundred prisoners in the C wing are locked up and cannot leave their cells. A prison is the worst place for any outbreak because everyone is in such close places. “

Meanwhile, Thailand has had 33 confirmed cases of the deadly virus, only surpassed by China, where it originated in December, declaring its first case on January 13, two weeks before Rumble returned.

The alleged trafficker was photographed in Thailand with British boxing champion Ricky Hatton. There is no suggestion that he is involved in the accusations.

It is said that Rumble is being treated in a “special hospital” outside the prison, according to the source.

It is said that Rumble collapsed in his cell days after arriving from Thailand on drug charges.
(Image: Facebook)
Suspect Mark Rumble is being arrested in a house in Pattaya, Chon Buri

“The other two prisoners showed flu-like symptoms and are in the wing of the Bullingdon hospital,” the source continued, adding that the three convicts were in individual cells before becoming ill.

While a Bullingdon nurse attending Rumble was sent for “self-isolation” in her home and public health officials from England were reportedly seen in prison.

Officials were supposedly helping the more than 1,000 prisoners and giving advice to staff while doctors in dangerous material suits were seen entering the closed wing.

Rumble was said to ride a Harley Davidson when he was arrested in Thailand
(Image: Facebook)

Rumble, of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, must testify at the Oxford Crown Court on February 20, and it is understood that he denies the charges.

According to the Department of Health yesterday afternoon, a total of 1,358 people have been tested for coronaviruses in the United Kingdom, of which 1,350 were confirmed as negative and eight positive.

The scare in prison occurs when a second elementary school tells them that they can stay away to prevent the spread of the virus, although both schools remain open.

Cottesmore St Mary’s Catholic Elementary School and Bevendean Elementary School, both in Brighton and Hove, have contacted parents.

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