News Buildings damaged by the earthquake in Istanbul are scared!

Buildings damaged by the earthquake in Istanbul are scared!


In the damage assessment works carried out immediately after the earthquake on September 26, 2019 off Silivri, damage was detected in many buildings, including schools.

In the investigation, 320 seriously damaged buildings were identified. Most of the buildings were evacuated. However, the demolition of the sealed buildings has not been completed. Some damaged buildings even have residents. Some buildings were damaged in Avcılar Denizköşkler Mahallesi Rüzgarlı Sokak.

The two buildings on the street were sealed and evacuated due to severe damage. However, he lives in the 5-storey Balkıran apartment, which is adjacent to the unloaded Sirin apartment and has damaged columns. In the 10-apartment building, some apartment owners put their houses on sale and some of them rented out and moved here. Visible damage in the basement of the building makes the residents uneasy. Neighborhood residents also complain about the buildings that have been evacuated but have become the home of drug addicts because they have not been demolished.

Ahmet Güven, a neighbor to the damaged buildings, asked for the demolition of the buildings. DHA


Saying that cracks have formed in the columns of the building from the balcony, Ahmet Güven stated:

* My house was damaged after the earthquake. Officials from the municipality came and took measurements. They said ‘take care of your head’ without giving me a paperwork. There are cracks in the columns of our building. The columns are gone. The irons of all columns are visible. We’re scared.

* Two buildings on our side were evacuated. I don’t know why they didn’t destroy it. They left us to us. The residents want to do it, but the cost is high. We will demolish it if some support is given to us. We are very scared. There are 10 apartments in the building. Our building is adjacent to the damaged building. Tenants from our building fled.

* Our next building was left to its fate. They can not get it financially. Not just my building, most buildings here are damaged. Our building is adjacent to the side building, they came first, checked our side building and hit the seal. The next day they lifted the seal. They left us to us. They said to us whether you sit down or not. But we sit because I have nothing to do. I have grandchildren, two families are sitting in a house.



Soner Notici, who is sitting on the second floor of the same building, said:

* This is a twin building, we sit on the other side. The engineers came and looked at the lower columns of the building. They said you can sit down. There were tremendous cracks. The residents could not trust, they left, they took a sample of the core from a private company. This private company said, “You can never sit here,” and the building has been completely evacuated. There are cracks in our basement in the same way.

* We don’t have a life safety either. The building contractor who built the building was built at the same time. There are serious cracks in our columns. We will apply to a private company. There are cracks, we think that the municipality is not doing the required task. After all, this is a risk. We’re scared. Elazig earthquake also necessitates a person’s uneasiness.



Gamze Başak, who is on the ground floor of the building, expressed his reaction with these words;

* Our side apartment was damaged in the Silivri earthquake. As in Elazig, aftershocks continue. There is damage in our apartment. It is not clear whether the side will be demolished. We’re scared. Our side apartment has already been evacuated. But destruction did not happen. That’s why the homeless and drug users stay there.

* We are disturbed both as a neighborhood and as a tradesman. There are cracks in the apartment where our workplace is located. They came and checked. They made recommendations such as empowerment or urban transformation. No help was given to us about this. We felt the earthquake that happened the other day and we took ourselves out. On this street, 20 apartments that I know left themselves. They are afraid.

* We are here because we can not do anything. If they help us, we will go somehow. There were huge losses in the earthquake in Elazig. We do not want what happened in Elazig to be experienced in Avcılar. Because all of the houses are old houses, houses that have seen the 1999 earthquake, we are here in fear.



Mahmut Kaplan, one of the residents of the evacuated building, said the following;

* We evacuated the building due to the earthquake. AFAD teams said we should not sit here. The municipality sealed this place. There was a seal on the outer door. Then thieves began to come. The thieves took the items left in the apartments and took them away. Drug addicts are coming now. There are those who stay here. As far as I know, the contractor was not fully understood and there were problems between them, so it was still not destroyed.

* It’s been here for 3-4 months. I moved to another place. Drug addicts come and stay here. Last night, the police came and took someone, came back in the morning as if they were coming to their home. Neighborhood is disturbed. Children who go and go to school sometimes wonder. Some people go in and out according to his head. His head was left empty.


Neighborhood resident Adnan Özer said, “There are cracks not only in Windli Sokak, but in all old buildings. What happened after the earthquake, there are those that happened before. They suffered more after the earthquake. My mom lives here. We are afraid. We are looking for a new building. The earthquake in Elazig frightened us. We are considering moving, ”he said. DHA

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