Burgos Cathedral recovers its origin as a meeting place | Radio Castilla | Present

The Cathedral Burgos will recover its origin as a meeting place with the I Concord Forum that, from June 16 to 18, will open dialogues between the three monotheistic religions and various areas of knowledge, such as Science, Philosophy and Theology.

In the presentation of the forum, which will be held in the Chapel of the Constables of the Cathedral of Burgos, the Vicar General of the diocese, Fernando García Cadiñanos, recalled that the cathedrals were from their origin places of meeting, especially in the case of the seo Burgos, located on the Camino de Santiago.

The forum will include a conference and two round tables, the conclusions of which will be published later in a thesis. The inaugural session will be a conference by Cardinal Ayuso, president of the Pontifical Council for the Interreligious Dialogue, which will speak of the dialogue between religions as a path to harmony.

The round table on June 17 will focus precisely on the concordia Among the religions, it will be moderated by Santiago del Cura, Emeritus Professor of Dogmatic Theology.

It will feature Jaume Flaquer, deputy director of the Center for Christianity and Justice Studies; Verónica Nehama, vice president of the Spanish Council of Jewish Women; Bahira Abdulatif, visiting professor of Arabic and Islamic culture at the Catholic University of Avila; and Jon Juaristi, former director general of the National Library and the Instituto Cervantes.

The last session, on June 18, will be a round table moderated by the dean of the Faculty of Theology of Northern Spain in Burgos, José Luis Cabria. Juan Luis will intervene Arsuaga, co-director of the Atapuerca deposits; Mary Martinón-Torres, director of the National Center for Research on Human Evolution; Javier Prades, rector of the San Damasco Ecclesiastical University in Madrid; and Miguel García-Baró, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Comillas.

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The I Forum of Concord is part of the events organized by the Foundation for the VIII Centennial of the Cathedral of Burgos, which has been programming two reflection activities on this type of exchange for harmony, such as ‘Conversations in the Cathedral’, with a historical, cultural and social theme; and ‘Dialogues in the Cathedral’, more focused on the philosophical-anthropological and theological-spiritual aspects.

The three sessions of the forum will be held in the afternoons and with a maximum capacity of seventy people, who will attend by invitation, although it will also be broadcast via streaming.