By saying goodbye to his aunt, the farmer touches the world. He drove the sheep into a heart shape

Australian farmer Ben Jackson could not say goodbye to his aunt, who lost the fight against cancer, due to strict pandemic restrictions. He therefore decided to pay homage to her on his own pasture, where he poured heart-shaped sheep feed. When the herd came to the food, it created a vivid pattern.

By saying goodbye to his aunt, the farmer touches the world. He drove the sheep into a heart shape Video: Facebook / Benjamin Jackson

When Jackson’s aunt lost the battle against cancer after two years, they were separated by 400 kilometers and the borders of the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland. Due to strict restrictions, the farmer could not arrive for her funeral in Brisbane.

“There was no opportunity to visit her, greet her, or attend a funeral,” the farmer told the BBC. “That’s why I felt helpless and clueless, I didn’t know what to expect,” he admitted.

But as he was about to feed his sheep, it occurred to him to make a huge heart out of the pasture so that the herd would gather on him when he released it, creating a large living pattern. He scattered the feed into an uneven shape several times, but after a few adjustments, his heart succeeded, which he let the sheep eat.

He filmed the whole scene on a drone and sent the video to his relatives before the funeral. The family released the video at the funeral and chose the favorite song of the late Bridge over Troubled Water by the duo Simon & Garfunkel as a background.

Jackson has created several other “sheep artwork” in recent years, and his aunt has been very supportive. She last reportedly visited it on the farm in May this year, even before strict restrictions were imposed in Australia.

The video for the farmer’s aunt is widely shared on social media and has even reached several Australian television stations. “She would be very proud to see how many people conjured a smile on the face of the heart I made for her,” she thinks.

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