Call Heaven, OIC Official’s Cheating Husband Asks the Sacred Brigadier to Sincere His Husband’s Actions

PALEMBANG, – Brigadier Suci Darma, a policewoman who reported her husband, DK, to the South Sumatra Police in a case of alleged fraud and adultery with a married staff, admitted that he was contacted by YW, the husband of DK’s affair. Through an instant messaging application, YW asked the First Brigadier to stop this case and report what had happened.

Suci said, YW had sent a message to him to forgive DK and WG’s actions, especially because Suci’s condition was pregnant. One of WG’s husband chats said that they would not smell heaven if Suci did not forgive and accept her husband DK’s actions. “Expand the chest, pity the baby in the stomach, doesn’t smell heaven,” Y said in his chat to Suci.

In addition, what was even more surprising was that YW told Suci that DK only entrusted his sperm to WG’s womb, so that from birth until the child was born, he was the one who bore the costs.

For this reason, YW asked Suci to think long about resolving this issue amicably, not until everyone finds out about this case. Although there must be a legal process, let it run without being disseminated.

Editor : Berli Zulkanedi

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