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Camp Fire: Dad stays calm, sings to young daughter during harrowing evacuation

As Joe Allen drove through the nightmarish flames that surrounded them Thursday, he thought of his young daughter in the back seat.

"Baby, it'll be all right," Allen's while navigating his way through the dense smoke and embers, which drizzles atop their car like rainfall.

Saturday reports suggest Northern California's raging wildfire, named Camp Fire, have left more than nine dead, missing more than 6,000 homes. Fires in Southern California have claimed two lives so far.

Allen and his family were among thousands forced to flee the town of Paradise, which was mostly destroyed. Allen's wife, Whitney, told Fox News affiliate KTVU. She drove with her 8-month-old daughter, Jordan, while Joe took 3-year-old Olivia.

"There's so much fire here. We're gonna get on fire, "Olivia can not tell her father in a Facebook video.

"Hey, guess what? We're not gonna catch fire, "Allen promised his daughter, panning his camera toward the massive flames on both sides of the road. "We're gonna stay away from it and we'll just be fine, okay? We're doing all right. "

Whitney Allen told KTVU that her husband's military training helps him stay calm in high-pressure situations. "He said.

"I can not see my mom," Olivia exclaims at one point, urging her to go home. Allen continues to rest his daughter, assuring her that he wants to stay away from the flames.

Moments later, the two emerge unscathed. The flames are gone, and the orange hue and embers that engulfed them is no longer visible.

"Look we're past it, we're out of it, okay?" Allen says, audibly relieved.

"You did it !," his daughter exclaims.

"We did it together," Allen responds, before accelerating further into safety.


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