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Canada and the Lima Group increase international pressure on Maduro

Pence: 'The world will pay the consequences if we fail the people of Venezuela'

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, said during his speech at the UN Security Council on April 10, 2019 that the world will suffer the consequences if international institutions fail the Venezuelans.

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, said during his speech at the UN Security Council on April 10, 2019 that the world will suffer the consequences if international institutions fail the Venezuelans.

Canada applied new sanctions against Chavez officials on Monday and the Lima Group urged other countries to join efforts to restore democracy in Venezuela, in the midst of the international community's struggle to keep cornering the beleaguered Nicolás Maduro regime.

The new sanctions against 43 Chavismo officials – which include Maduro's chancellor, Jorge Arreaza – increase the total number of Chavistas punished by Ottawa to 113 and are applied for the participation of these individuals in the destruction of Venezuelan democracy.

In addition to Arreaza, the sanctions were applied against Economy Minister Simón Zerpa and Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo, current president of state oil company PDVSA.

Also, among the new sanctioned are the governors of the states of Zulia, Apure, Vargas and Carabobo, and the director of the intelligence service (Sebin), Manuel Figuera. Previously Canada had punished Maduro himself and his wife Cilia Flores, as well as Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López.

Like the measures applied by Washington, the Canadian sanctions include the freezing of assets and the prohibition to Canadians to carry out any financial transaction with specific people.

The announcement takes place when the 14 countries that make up the so-called Lima Group -including Canada- are trying to get new players to join efforts to find a peaceful solution to the increasingly serious Venezuelan crisis.

In the final declaration, which emerged after the XII summit of foreign ministers of the Lima Group, the group called on the international community to favor the restoration of democracy in Venezuela and urged China, Cuba, Russia and Turkey to join this process " the negative impact "that his support for the Nicolás Maduro regime causes in Latin America.

In the statement, issued at the end of the meeting held on Monday in Santiago, Chile, the agency also urged international organizations to advance the recognition of representatives appointed by the National Assembly of Venezuela as the legitimate representatives of that country.

He also called on the States that participate in the International Contact Group, "regional partners" such as Mexico, Uruguay and Bolivia, and other members of the international community, to deepen the process of convergence with the Lima Group to demand the holding of free, fair and transparent elections in Venezuela.

The Lima Group also called on the international community to continue adopting sanctions against the "illegitimate regime (of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás) Maduro and exhort to put at the exclusive disposal of the interim government of the president in charge Juan Guaidó the property belonging to the people Venezuelan abroad, in accordance with the legal system of each State. "

The Chilean Foreign Minister, Roberto Ampuero, in charge of reading the final resolution of the summit, also enunciated an appeal "to the Secretary General of the United Nations, the General Assembly and the Security Council to take action to prevent the progressive deterioration of peace and security "in Venezuela.

In the same way, those actors were called "to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to the population and migrants from Venezuela."

Another of the letters rogatory was addressed to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, to "advance the Preliminary Examination carried out by this body to determine the alleged commission of crimes against humanity by the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro."

The Lima Group reiterated its support "for a peaceful process of recovery of democracy and the rule of law" in Venezuela led by the Venezuelans themselves, condemned "the use of force by the illegitimate regime of Maduro" and rejected any threat or course of action that implies a military intervention ".

He also reiterated his support for the president of the General Assembly of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president by more than 50 countries, and made "personally responsible to Maduro for the life, freedom and integrity" of Guaidó and the rest of the members of Parliament of the Caribbean nation.

In addition to Ampuero, the Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Jorge Faurie, participated in Monday's meeting of the Lima Group; Brazil, Ernesto Araújo; Canada, Christya Freeland; Colombia, Carlos Holmes Trujillo; Costa Rica, Manuel Ventura, and Peru, Néstor Popolizio.

Honduras and Panama were represented by their vice chancellors, José Barahona Herrera and Luis Miguel Hincapié, respectively.

Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Paraguay and Saint Lucia, by ambassadors and other authorities, and Julio Borges, diplomatic representative of Guaidó before the Lima Group, was also at the meeting.

The Lima Group defined that the next summit of foreign ministers will take place in Guatemala, at a date yet to be defined, and also agreed to convene in Lima an International Conference for Democracy in Venezuela with the participation of all the states that support the democratic recovery. in that country.



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