LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 15: Gennady Golovkin (R) beats Canelo Alvarez during her WBC / WBA middleweight title fight at the T-Mobile Arena on September 15, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Al Bello / Getty Images)

This post will be updated with an analysis after each round of the main event.

  • Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 knockouts) vs. Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) for the United Middleweight Championship

Round 11

Golovkin takes his time to open the 11th. But he seems to be in control now. Alvarez has been just wandering around for the past few moments, throwing buffs. Half way through the lap Golovkin starts another furious rally bringing the fans to their feet. Alvarez takes the punches well and he has shown an enormous chin. But this chin has not won him the eleventh round. Golovkin takes the lead to 12th place. 105-104 Golovkin.

Round 10

Big right hand over the top for Golovkin! Easily his best stroke of the fight, perhaps the best shot of this competitive duel series. Alvarez answers with a good combination with his back to the ropes to avoid trouble. But that could be a crucial moment of the fight. Golovkin shakes his head after Alvarez hits a shot and the challenger seems to have lost steam on his punches. A strong left hook by Golovkin in the final seconds underlines a huge 10th round for the champion. 95-95

Round 9

Golovkin lands a big right hand over the top, his best hit in several rounds. Already after the controversial decision in the first fight he is careful to go to the scorecards, he can not feel well in the rematch. But he has become stronger here in the ninth and has let his hands go a bit more than he has been. Alvarez thwarted the rally to the delight of sold-out partisans. But the champion is recovering well to make the round and not let the deficit get too big. 86-85 Alvarez.

Round 8

It's on. That's what the fans came for. The two trade blows in the middle of the ring, with Alvarez defeating the exchange. Excellent left hook on Alvarez's body, which Golovkin apparently seemed to feel. The champion confirmed the ship in the last minute of the round but the deficit from the first two minutes was too much to overcome. Another Alvarez round. 77-75 Alvarez.

Round 7

Like the first fight, it was consistently good, but not a classic. Alvarez brings the momentum from his strong sixth round to seventh – big with a right hook, followed by a left uppercut. Golovkin is thrown into the body with some regularity, and it could have an impact on him. Alvarez takes the frame. 67-66 Alvarez.

Round 6

It becomes clear, if not already, that these are two equal fighters. Little has separated her by 17 rounds of action. The 18th starts at a measured pace. But Golovkin is able to find a home with a two-stroke combination in his pocket. Alvarez arrives at the end of the round and hits the ropes with several good strokes with Golovkin. A late Vortex of Golovkin is not enough. Here we go again. 57-57 half way.

Round 5

Golovkin is fighting to some extent against Alvarez's fight. But it seems to work for him. The champion lands a stiff combination about a minute after the round to lose control. Alvarez has made several homerun swings. And so far he has missed her. But if you connect, it could be a big problem for Golovkin. The challenger had a strong final-minute but Golovkin seemed to be doing enough in the early stages to make the rounds. 48-47 Golovkin.

Round 4

Alvarez has just had enough of the Golovkin show and he is speeding up to open the frame. But Golovkin is up to the task and lands an exquisite right counter. Again, most of the action takes place in the middle of the ring, and that seems to be Alvarez's advantage. Several good barter deals to close the frame. A terrific Alvarez hook, which clung to the body in the final seconds, could have determined the round for the challenger. 38-38.

Round 3

Golovkin has made a concerted effort to establish his jab this time, and it pays off in the third as he dictates conditions. Short left hand in the pocket scores for Golovkin. It's a strong round for the champion – who achieves an excellent three-stroke combination towards the end of the frame. Golovkin takes the round, leading 29-28.

round 2

A right uppercut scores points for Golovkin early in the round. But Alvarez lands in response to an excellent left uppercut and follows with a strong combination. Alvarez has boosted the pace in the second stage and supported his preface that he would deliver more punches. Golovkin arrives at the last minute with a rally. But Alvarez takes over with a left uppercut back control of the body Alvarez. Alvarez takes the round. Play even at 19-19.

Round 1

After a delay of more than 90 minutes after the last undercard fight, we are finally on the road in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. And despite a heated confrontation on Friday weighing, Alvarez and Golovkin touched gloves before the opening bell.

It's a measured start, with most of the action taking place in the middle of the ring – an advantage for Alvarez. Golovkin seems to be more aggressive in the first round than last September when he tries to establish his jab. A right-hand from Alvarez hits in the middle of the round. The opening frame is very close. Give the champion a slight nod, based on solid work with his jab. 10-9 Golovkin.

PPV main card:

  • Canelo Alvarez (49-1-2, 34 knockouts) vs. Gennady "GGG" Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs) for the United Middleweight Championship
  • Jaime Munguia (30-0-0, 25 KOs) beating Brandon Cook (20-1-0, 13 KOs) for WBO junior middleweight championship
  • David Lemieux (39-4-0, 33 KOs) against Gary O & Sullivan (28-2-0, 20 KOs), middleweight
  • Roman Gonzalez (46-2-0, 38 KOs) against Moises Fuentes (25-5-1, 14 KOs), Junior Bantam Weights

LAS VEGAS – Barely a year after the first meeting, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin will be on Saturday night in the sold-out T-Mobile Arena – with Golovkins World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council – a fierce rivalry renewing middleweight world championship belt on the line.

So often in boxing, hostilities between the combatants come to a constructed tactic of selling pay-per-view orders. This time, however, there seems to be real friction. On Friday after weighing the two had to be separated after Alvarez had knocked on Golovkin and during a normal photo session had bumped their heads.

Golovkin was loud in his belief that Alvarez was doping before the first fight. The originally planned rematch on May 5 had to be canceled after Alvarez was tested positive for the performance-enhancing drug Clenbuterol, for which he received a six-month ban.

Alvarez has claimed that the positive test was the result of contaminated meat that he consumed in his native Mexico. The speech from the Golovkin camp, he says, has fueled him for the rematch.

"I'm bothered by all the stupid things they said," said Alvarez, 28. "I do not know what to laugh about or be angry with, but their statements are all excuses for the loss they're going to make. "

Golovkin was generally capable of promoting earlier struggles. But this time, the 36-year-old Kazakh fighter has shown an intensity that many observers have never seen before.

"I want to punish him," Golovkin said. "I want to fight and punish him for all the bad things he and his team have done."

The first fight ended in a controversial draw, with a judge calling Alvarez the 118-110 winner of a fight that was almost universally considered closer. This time both are looking for clarity.

Tactically, Golovkin is trying to get off to a quicker start – having awarded the first two rounds in 2017. Meanwhile Alvarez has said that he will do more to fight this fight. Golovkin has criticized Alvarez for fighting defensively for the first time and avoiding replacement in his pocket.

It's undoubtedly the biggest fight of boxing in 2018. And judging by the list of celebrities that are expected, the stars will be out there.

Here is a list of those provided by a spokeswoman:

  • Antoine Fuqua
  • Adrian Gonzalez
  • Bernard Hopkins
  • Cedric the entertainer
  • Charles Barkley
  • Chuck Liddell
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Daniel Jacobs
  • Daniel Ponce De Leon
  • Dave Chappelle
  • David Benioff
  • Don Cheadle
  • Donovan Carter
  • Evander Kane
  • Fernando Vargas
  • George Lopez
  • Jay Ellis
  • Jojo Diaz
  • Jorge Linares
  • Kit Harington
  • Lebron James
  • Luis Miguel
  • Maverick Carter
  • Miguel Cotto
  • Mike Tyson
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Omar Benson Miller
  • Prince Royce
  • Q-Tip
  • Ricky Romero
  • Rosie Pérez
  • Ryan Garcia
  • Tito Ortiz
  • Tommy Hearns
  • Triple room H
  • Will Smith



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