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Home Health Cannabis users are less susceptible to anesthesia

Cannabis users are less susceptible to anesthesia

Credits – 7raysmarketing via Pixabay CC

While cannabis is best known for its euphoric effects, regular use of this drug may also have more unexpected consequences. In Colorado, a recent study has shown that regular users (recreational cannabis has been licensed since 2012 in this state) were indeed much less sensitive to the effects of local or general anesthesia, delivered by physicians during an intervention. .

The study, conducted on more than 250 American patients reveals that patients who have consumed daily or regularly cannabis, were indeed two times less sensitive to sedatives people who have previously stated that they have never used drugs. On average, 14% to 220% more sedation was claimed by the patient in order to be truly effective. Published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA), the study focuses on three types of sedatives used in hospitals, fentanyl, midazolam and propofol, commonly used for light procedures such as endoscopies.

According to figures estimated in 2015, and recently released by the CNN, 183 million people on the planet would be habitual users of cannabis. Increasing popularity, but not without risk. In addition to obvious health problems on the body, regular intake of narcotic substances may change the tolerance of some patients to sedatives. In addition, taking larger doses of anesthetics is also likely to result in more side effects and complications during an intervention.


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