Case Covid-19 is Still High, Attractions in Bogor Regency is Still Closed

| | – The government of Kabupaten Bogor rate of transmission Covid-19 is still quite high. So the Bogor Regency government has no plan to open the objects travel in the near future.

A spokesman for the Task force the Acceleration of the Handling of the Covid-19 Bogor Regency, Syarifah Sofiah explained, a new tourist attraction will be opened if the Earth Tegar Beriman categorized entry zone of a blue with the indicator number reproductive effective (Rt) in the bottom one.

“Determination of the blue zone, among other things, if the numbers Rt less than one, at least in two consecutive weeks and also there are other variables. If it is already fulfilled, then the attractions may be open with restrictions on the number of visitors,” said Syarifah, Thursday (16/6).

However, in the data day-to-day released the Task force Covid-19 Bogor Regency, some patients positive always appears, even higher than the number of patients cured.

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In fact, in the last two days, namely 14 and 15 June 2020, additional positive patients reached 17 people. While the patient healed just four people.

On Thursday (14/6), additional positive patients reached 12 people and the next day there are an additional five patients positive. So overall, positive patients are currently undergoing treatment reach the 218 people.

“To heal current total of 63 people,” said the woman who also served as Head of Development Planning Agency, the Research and Development Area (Bappedalitbang) Bogor Regency.




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