Catalog of "pure straw" the humanitarian aid from Puerto Rico to Venezuela


The former president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello Rondón, criticized today the humanitarian aid sent from Puerto Rico to Venezuela.

Cabello Rondón categorized as "pure straw" the aid sent.

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Secretary of State Luis Rivera Marin told the international media that the plane from Puerto Rico with submissions for the Venezuelan brothers had arrived in the South American country.

"This assistance will come in coordination with the coordinators that President Juan Guaidó and non-governmental organizations determined are waiting for these products to arrive immediately at oncology and pediatric hospitals in Venezuela," Rivera Marín said in an interview.

For his part, Ricardo Rosselló confirmed in an interview with Blu Radio the departure of the ship and also that later a boat will depart with humanitarian aid. While explaining what Rivera Marín meant when talking about entry windows.

"What he has been doing is working in some windows of entry, the detail of that is a bit difficult to divulge with some intelligence, to make sure that resources can reach Venezuela."



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