Cedro advances the distribution of royalties for the epidemic

In the wake of the huge coronavirus pandemic publishing activity, Cedro has stepped up its royalties this year to help writers, translators and publishers of books, newspapers, magazines and sheet music overcome. this situation. In addition, it is preparing a broader contingency plan to support the sector. Cedro’s mission is to represent and defend the legitimate interests of authors and publishers of books, newspapers, magazines and scores, facilitating and promoting the legal use of his works. It currently has 27,333 writers, translators, journalists and publishers in our country.

“Moving forward a few weeks for copyright sharing is one of the measures our board has taken to support authors and publishers in our country in a time as complicated as the one we are going through, in which our activity is ‘it has almost completely crippled,’ says Daniel Fernández, president of Cedro, who is studying other measures.


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