Cellphones recovered 100 percent, new evidence appears, Tangmo Nida apparently didn’t die in the water

GORONTALO TERRACE – A new piece of evidence, it turns out that Tangmo Nida didn’t die in the water, this clue was found after the artist’s cell phone managed to recover 100 percent.

After Tangmo Nida’s cell phone recovered 100 percent and new evidence emerged, Panida the mother became more certain that her child was killed, because there are several photos and videos that show a strong suspicion that Mo, as the artist is familiar with, died on land, not in water.

Not believing that his son had an accident, Panida sent Tangmo Nida’s cell phone secretly to the United States, now the cellphone has been recovered 100 percent, this raises new evidence that leads to the chronology of the artist’s death, it turns out that Mo died on land and not in water.

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As we know that Tangmo Nida was declared dead in the water by falling from the boat and drowning in the Chao Praya river on February 24, 2022.

Tangmo Nida’s body was only found on February 26, 2022, floating in the Chao Phyara river.

Tangmo Nida was found lifeless in an unnatural condition, because the artist’s body had bruises and wounds all over.

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One of the wounds that have not been resolved until now is the wound on Tangmo Nida’s thigh.

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