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Chad Michael Murray is an American actor internationally recognized for several roles that he played, mainly in the drama series ‘One Tree Hill’, Released in 2003 and finished in 2013.

His professional career began in the year 2000, in the series ‘Gilmore Girls’ playing ‘Tristan Dugray’. Later, in 2001, he began to grow gradually in acting after participating in the series ‘Dawson’s Creek’, playing an unknown name rocker.

That growth began to bear fruit after his connection to Disney, participating in the movie ‘Crazy Friday’, playing ‘Jake’, and in ‘The new Cinderella’, in which he gave life to ‘Austin Ames’, who was the typical popular kid in high school.

Thank you Warner!

However, the role that almost completely defined his career was at the hands of Warner Bros., chain with which he worked for almost ten years in the series ‘One Tree Hill’, in which he played the protagonist of the series, ‘ Lucas Scott’.

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The talent and charisma that Murray transmits throughout an almost uninterrupted decade in the series helped him to be one of the most recognized and sought-after performers in Hollywood.

Likewise, his appearance as a youthful heartthrob in those early 2000s were also important to his fame, making him worthy of being considered one of the most sought-after celebrities in the United States. and to have a parallel career as a model.

His growing image also touched his love life, as he had a relationship with his set partner on ‘One Tree Hill’ Sophia Bush, whom he married in 2005. However, after five months, the couple ended up separating.

Soon after, he began dating Kenzie Dalton, who was an extra on the same series as well as a runner-up in the 2005 Miss North Carolina Teen USA pageant.

“She loves art. She loves different things in the movies, and she just wanted to see what she was like, so she was hosting our show for a while. I met her, and she just makes me a better man. That’s all she could ask for. She leads by example, which makes me stronger. I’m surprised,” said the artist in an interview with ‘E! Entertainment’.

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Both got married in 2006 and kept their marriage until 2013, according to ‘USA Today’.

However, as seems customary on the American scene, his career was not immune to controversy. In May 2009, Murray resigned from participating in the seventh season of ‘One Tree Hill’, arguing that the production wanted to “save money”.

pure action

From that day on, Murray’s career had a slight decline, to the point that the actor began to appear in low-grossing films or that were simply made to be broadcast on television.

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One of these works that can be highlighted is the action movie saga called ‘The Fortress’, in which he shared scenes and recordings with the legendary Bruce Willis. He also had secondary roles in series like ‘Riverdale’ or ‘Scream Queens’.

Said transition from drama to action caused Murray to focus on having a physical aspect comparable to other actors in this film genre such as Jason Statham, Vin Diesel or Willis himself.

New couple, new raids

Currently, Murray, in addition to showing off the results of his exercise routines on his social networks, continues to maintain a career as an actor in series and films a little far from the Hollywood scene.

In addition, he is married to actress Sarah Roemer.with whom he began dating in 2014, after meeting on the set of recordings of the series ‘Chosen’.

They both got married that same year and, a year later, they announced the expectation of their first child. They are currently married with two children.

Likewise, in addition to acting or modeling, Murray also had a facet as a writer. In 2011 he released his first graphic novel called ‘Everlast’ and, in 2017, co-authored the novel ‘American Drifter: A Thrilling Story of Love and Murder’ with author Heather Graham.

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