Charles Michel warns Britons: “Take your responsibility …

European Council President Charles Michel warned the British government on Sunday to “take its responsibility” and to fully comply with last year’s separation treaty with the EU. Michel came with his urging on Sunday after a telephone conversation with Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meanwhile, gets a blow from two of his predecessors, John Major and Tony Blair.

After the British government came up with new legislation last week that reverses Brexit agreements, the European Commission also called on the British to not pursue these plans. Otherwise, the EU will not hesitate to use the sanctions provided for in the separation treaty.

Michel also focuses on London. The “international credibility of a British signature is at stake,” it said via Twitter. Michel Barnier, European chief negotiator in talks with the United Kingdom, adds on Twitter that the earlier agreement on Ireland and Northern Ireland “does not pose a threat to the integrity of the United Kingdom”.

Call from Blair and Major

In a joint letter The Sunday Times former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair (Labor) and John Major (Conservative Party) are urging on Sunday not to implement the “shocking” intention of their successor Boris Johnson. According to the two, the new bill is “irresponsible, constitutionally incorrect, and dangerous in practice”.

The new Internal Market Bill is intended to ensure that trade between different parts of the country runs smoothly once EU legislation is no longer in force. With the legislation, the British government is returning to agreements on the trade regime in Northern Ireland. London wants British ministers to be able to take unilateral decisions to manage trade between different parts of their country.

Ireland’s Justice Minister Helen McEntree finally dismisses Johnson’s allegations on Sunday that the EU has threatened to block Northern Ireland. Any innuendo about plans that create a new frontier “is simply not right.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday accused the EU of threatening a food blockade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


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