Chartres: four artists from the L’Paille à sons festival not to be missed

Twelve groups and artists will follow one another on the stage of the L’Paille à sons festival on June 10 and 11 in Chartres. Here are four not to be missed.

premium Ko Ko Mo will electrify L’Paille à sons, in Chartres: “We are really a live band, we love to create unexpected moments”

The Wampas

Headlining the festival, the French punk band was scheduled two years ago, but the Covid had prevented it from performing. But on June 10, veterans of the alternative scene will be there to scream their unsinkable hits, like Manu Chao.Photo : Youri Lenquette.

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Gauthier Cough

He has been established in Switzerland for many years, but he learned everything in Chartres and Lucé, where he is from. Photo : Sylvain Gripoix.

On June 10, Gauthier Toux will return “at home” in trio formation, to present his new album, The Biggest Steps. After having experimented a lot with electronic sounds, the pianist returns to his first love, namely acoustic jazz.

Valentine Lambert

She will be the first to hit the festival stage on June 10. La Chartraine Valentine Lambert will bathe the spectators in a folk atmosphere with her soft and melodious songs like Lunataken from his album Nomade, released last year.

Irene Dresel

The electro musician will close the festival on June 11 with her hazy and bewitching style.

It is in her house nestled in the heart of the Drouaise countryside that the young woman concocts her very particular music, both organic and synthetic, as on the new album, Kinky Dogmareleased in 2021.

premium Three questions to Irène Drésel, the musician from Dreux who signs the soundtrack of the film “Full time”, with Laure Calamy

Last year, Irène Drésel gained notoriety by composing the soundtrack for a film with Laure Calamy, A plein temps, which won an award at the Venice Film Festival. His Chartres concert will be his first performance in Eure-et-Loir.

Remi Bonnet