Solar time October 19, 2020 Moon On Monday, 3 lunar lunar months, 12 years, Chad Toke, commemorative Era 1382 Rising sun Time 06.10 a.m. True Time 12.03 p.m. Sunset Time 17.56 Monday fall Time 20.43

Today From 00.00-10.18 hours, Dao Moei Vesaka, the 16th constellation, consists of the executioner of the Auspicious Slaughterer, meaning that the killer works in order to defeat the things that come to be defeated, fearful, magical and holy. The 17th zodiac consists of a king of the auspicious king, meaning the King of the land at 00.00-24.00. The auspicious direction – the north (southwest), the unfortunate direction – the northeast (Northeast) color of the day – white Auspicious colors – black, purple, gray, unfortunate color – red, red, orange. The zodiac sign of Cali – Libra

Born today boy Good appearance Be open, cheerful, emotional, pleasant, kind, happy, comfortable. They are intelligent in knowledge around them, charming, dress up, agile, agile, famous, have relatives, cannot rely on. But relatives Dating people close to you like a criminal Likes to have good friends girl They have good looks, like association, eloquence, eloquence, strong spirit, high mind, self-esteem, and intelligence. Witty, aptitude Like education It is loved by those who have seen it. With mercy support Have prosperity Solid evidence Happy family

Born on sunday Will be popular with adults and colleagues Have the opportunity to study, train and have additional knowledge Heavy problems were resolved. Will feel more at ease, strengthen the mind Will be able to do work that is suitable for maturity Do not invest in times of uncertain business turbulence. Will meet his brothers and sisters

Born on Monday Know how to manage your own money Do not spend luxury Finance will improve along with higher job positions as well. Will meet the sweetheart who showcases But hidden by interests and lust New love arises without knowing it. If there is any problem, it should be resolved early before it gets too misunderstood.

Born on Tuesday Will receive good news from adults, beware of enemies from little cause. Will work in a charity organization It requires a lot of perseverance and patience. To overcome obstacles related to work It will be lucky from old works, to get old things, to get a share of the benefits that are in the hands of others and long overdue.

Born on a Wednesday Regarding property and money should be cautious. If there is money left, it should be saved for use in times of need. Money is used to purchase materials, equipment and facilities. Renovation, renovation, extension of residential buildings People who love you will especially please you. Have the opportunity to be more private with your partner than at any time

Born on thursday Should listen to the advice of those around him There will be a trip to attend important events. Have the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to the fullest Honesty and justice are the hallmarks of a career. Have higher income and job position Being weak and prudent will cause useless wasting of money.

Born on friday Better money and gold circulation Being weak and prudent will cause useless wasting of money. Regarding property and money should be cautious. Will get a rare treasure If there is money left, it should be saved for use in times of need. They are often not spending their money. But was used for other people Single people have the opportunity to find love.

Born on Saturday Will be able to participate in important activities, friends and introduce new work to do Be careful about dating friends. Because they can easily be deceived and cause damage Lack of restraint or self-indulgence or frequent anger It will be easy to have problems with colleagues. Helpful adults Anxious with old things.


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