China Keys Mongolia due to Covid-19 Rise, Thousands of Tourists Displaced

TEMPO.CO, JakartaChinese health authorities implement lockdown in total following a new wave of Covid-19 in Mongolia and Gansu Province, leaving thousands of tourists stranded.

The Beijing Municipal Government has also tightened prevention and control measures regarding new cases found in the two provinces, Chinese media reported, as quoted Between, Thursday, October 28, 2021.

A total of 9,412 tourists have been stranded in Ejine Banner, Mongolia, since a new case in 43 local residents emerged.

Ejine Banner is a popular tourist area in China in autumn because it has a distinctive view of desert trees.

The local government set a limit on hotel rent at 200 yuan (Rp444 thousand) per night during the period lockdown.

The local government also provides free medical supplies.

A total of 1,943 tourists were also stranded in several cities in the Ningxia Autonomous Region, such as Shizuishan, Lingwu and Zhongwei.

Lanzhou City in Gansu also applies lockdown since Monday (25/10) after 45 local residents were detected positive for COVID-19.

The government in the capital city of Gansu Province strictly checks everyone entering and leaving residential areas.

Health authorities in Beijing detected 21 local residents in three districts, namely Fengtai, Changping and Haidian, positive for Covid-19.

The cases of the Delta variant occurred in Inner Mongolia and Gansu, said Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing City Center for Infectious Disease Prevention and Control.

Local health authorities conduct tests PCR en masse to 1.56 million citizens.

Local police arrested 19 people for violating health protocols and 13 others were fined.

A number of Chinese officials who are in Beijing for the time being are advised not to leave the capital area except for very urgent tasks.

Several activities, both in town and out of town, have been temporarily canceled.

At least four major events held by a number of institutions in Beijing were canceled due to the tightening of health protocols.

“The press conference has been canceled again due to the epidemic situation,” the ASEAN-China Center announced platform WeChat instant messaging Thursday morning.