Chiquis Rivera and his recent controversies.

PHOTOS: Chiquis Rivera and her recent controversies.

Divorce, surgeries, a hot video and more … These are some of the controversies of the eldest daughter of ‘La Diva de la banda’.

Juan Rivera confirmed that Jenni Rivera removed Chiquis from his will.

In a live link with Ventaneando, Jenni Rivera’s brother, Juan Rivera, broke the silence and confirmed that his niece Chiquis Rivera is not listed in the will of his late sister Jenni. However, he expressed that Chiquis Rivera is always taken into account for the legal affairs of his deceased mother.

Chiquis Rivera shows the results of her breast surgery.

Chiquis Rivera generated great controversy for her new physical appearance, as she appeared on Instagram with a tiny waist and larger breasts. Jenni Rivera’s daughter unleashed all kinds of reactions among Internet users, who expressed their opinion about the sculptural figure of the singer.

Chiquis Rivera publishes a video moving her buttocks and breaks social networks.

The controversial video was not well received by users of social networks. And it is that, the daughter of Jenni Rivera, unleashed all kinds of reactions on the internet after showing intimate parts of her body. The sensual video also reached the sight of ‘El Chapo de Sinaloa’, who attacked the young singer with a controversial message.

Chiquis Rivera faced the painful separation from Lorenzo Méndez.

Chiquis and Lorenzo Méndez confessed to having experienced an episode of domestic violence.

Chiquis Rivera gave something to talk about when advising on how to lose weight, while they revealed photos of himself with a plastic surgeon.

The singer confessed that lemon water on an empty stomach helped her lose weight; however, she was later seen with a cosmetic doctor. Jenni Rivera’s daughter lifted her shirt and dropped her pants so that social media users could appreciate the flat stomach she looks and all thanks to the homemade method she mentioned.



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