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Chris Bryant signals the intention to replace Bercow as a spokesman for politics

Labor's Chris Bryant said he hopes to replace John Bercow as Speaker of the House of Commons if he leaves the role and promises "not to offend or harass MEPs".

Bryant, a friend and supporter of Bercov's, who argued during several Brexit debates over several rows of the parliamentary protocol, said he hopes for a more respectful and tolerant atmosphere.

Bercow had proposed resigning after nine years in office, but had shown no sign of resignation and the Brexit process in Parliament still needs to be completed.

The spokesman has campaigned for backbangers and sometimes controversial procedures, including allowing MEPs to be in control of the parliamentary business but also receiving several serious bullying allegations that he denies.

John Bercow

John Bercow, center, speaks during a debate on the EU's withdrawal law this month. Photo: Mark Duffy / AFP / Getty Images

Bryant said his memory of MPs degraded by the speakers dates to Michael Martin in the role. "I remember being a member of parliament very early … he gave a representative a wife," he told the house magazine. "I wanted the floor to swallow me because I thought," God, I do not want to be the poor MP. "

"The things you might say to another person, at a dinner party or in the bar, or in casual conversations … when they're told by the chairman to a deputy, that's just devastating."

Bryant said the MPs were "beaten and injured" in this House. "The first thing for me is that I will do everything in my power not to disparage or curtail deputies from the chair, but, as far as possible, to respect each individual."

The Rhondda MP, chairing the Finance Committee, which oversees Parliament's recovery project, is likely to be among a number of candidates for the position, including Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle and former Labor Deputy Leader Harriet Harman.

Bryant said that he would hope to see Speaker's House, the residence in the Palace of Westminster, where the speaker lives, to a rather welcoming venue for events and receptions.

"It is a bit strange that we have no place in this House to welcome international guests, and I know that many Members have complained about it. We want to have somewhere, "he said.

"I'd like to make some of this hosting and make Speaker's House a bit more open in this way. I think Members' spouses have a difficult time, and I would like to hold some events at Speaker's House, which are either exclusively or primarily intended for MPs and their spouses, or perhaps just spouses. "

He also suggested organizing a "Twelfth Night" in Parliament, where employees and staff could take over the race for the day. "This is a community of people. There is a Welsh word, cwtchmeaning hug. I just feel as if – that sounds terribly pious – I just feel like everything needs a bit cwtch at the moment, "he said.

Bryant said the next speaker should be someone who could beat some of the poisonous sentiment in parliament, not a reformer with "a massive agenda of things they want to go through".

"I think we've all been a bit bloody and battered lately, and the next speaker is someone who's going to treat those wounds a bit more," he said.



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