Friday, April 26, 2019
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Chrome OS receives virtual desktops

Google is working to add a much-needed productivity feature to Chrome OS. 9to5Google reports that the company is working to provide support for virtual desktops for Chrome OS.

Google engineers have indeed released evidence of the new feature on Chromium Gerrit as well as a video demo of an early version of the feature.

At the moment, Google calls the function "virtual desks" and essentially allows you to create different virtual desktops that you can switch between. You'll probably be able to use your keyboard keys to constantly switch between desktops, and Google says it also supports mouse gestures.

Here is a demo:

Virtual desktops are a really useful feature found in Windows 10 and macOS. This experience is especially a highlight feature of macOS. Microsoft introduced it later with Windows 10 for Windows. It's incredibly useful when you're working on several different tasks at the same time, and you have many apps in between which you constantly switch. And when all this happens, it can be very difficult to keep track and organize the windows.

It's not clear when Google plans to release the new virtual desktop feature for Chrome OS. However, since Google already seems to have a prototype of this feature, it should not take too long for it to arrive for Chrome OS users developer Betas.

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