Chronology of Clashes at Music Events in a Mall Area in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia

A number of facilities belonging to Lippo Plaza Yogyakarta broken after chaos visitors who want to watch a music event in the shopping center area, on Sunday (12/6) night.

As many as 11 people were also reported injured as a result of the clashes.

Hangga Bagaswara, Operational Manager of Expo Productions or the organizer of the music show at Lippo Plaza, said that the clashes involved spectators from inside and outside the event location. This incident, he said, occurred because of a provocation by an irresponsible party.

He explained that music events like that were regularly held in the mall’s rooftop area. For permits, he said, notifications are sent once a month to the authorities.

“We invite a band that has been playing regularly at our place. Every time he plays it is in good condition, safe. However, last night there was a very large addition of visitors,” he said when contacted, Monday (13/6).

Due to the large number of event visitors, he said, the committee decided to close the event location due to limited capacity. In addition, his party urges visitors who are still queuing in front of the voucher box to accept it when asked to go home.

When the situation is conducive, said Hangga, there are still 20-30 other people who insist on entering the event area. The committee again explained that the location could no longer accommodate the audience.

“But, there are two or three people who say, or make statement to break down. ‘Just break it down, just break it down’ like that. In the end, many were provoked,” he said.

Hangga explained that the committee again tried to calm them down, while deciding to open exit access for the audience inside. Meanwhile, at the same time, the provocateurs were still trying to get in.

“From the inside, visitors can’t go out because the exit door was kicked by 2-3 provocateurs. When we were about to open the entrance, a provocateur issued a sentence which finally provoked visitors inside, provoked by his words,” he said. .

“So, there was an argument between visitors outside and visitors inside who wanted to come out. After that, there was a commotion and throwing things,” continued Hangga.

He said the clashes were only concentrated in the P6 parking area before entering the event area. The riot occurred at 20.30 WIB and lasted for approximately 30 minutes. Music shows were forced to stop because of it.

Hangga explained that the committee is still cleaning up the debris from last night’s clashes for now. Including, he continued, handling 11 visitors who were injured and had entered the ER Siloam Hospital.

The estimated loss has not been calculated because it is still being questioned by the police. Meanwhile, for the alleged provocateur, his party admitted that they would assist law enforcement in investigating it.

“We are still trying to find out if we can get clues to identify the provocateurs, we will follow up,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Yogyakarta Police have dispatched an Inafis team to inspect the location of this incident.

The head of the Gondokusuman Police, AKP Surahman, said there were 8 victims recorded by his staff. All are said to have suffered only minor injuries.

“Those who came last night were more than 2,000 from observations. The capacity is indeed 4,500, but they (the committee) can read if the situation is not possible,” he said at the scene, Monday.

Reflecting on this incident, his party appealed to all organizers of similar events to keep submitting event notifications to the police in order to anticipate unwanted things.


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