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“Closing again would make the vaccine seem useless” – Corriere.it

by archyw
of Elisabetta Rosaspina

The Northern League president of the Conference of Regions: if hospitalizations rise, we think we will leave the activities open only to those who already have the double dose

Graduality and balance: If we go back to closing as if the vaccine did not exist, many will be convinced that the vaccine is useless. As for the green pass, without defining it as a c … a like Matteo Salvini, Massimiliano Fedriga, president of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and of the Conference of Regions, opines: Benvenga, if it will allow stadiums, discos and major events to be reopened . To the countermeasures of Paris, Madrid or Athens towards the aggressive Delta variant, Fedriga still prefers the less alarmist line of London: if the contagion curve rises but, thanks to vaccines, not that of hospitalizations, Covid-19 could soon be downgraded to seasonal flu.

News from the Health Commission of the Regions?
The definitive parameters for the assignment of colors to the Regions are coming. Our document is almost ready. Vaccines are working very well against severe disease and the national average of hospitalizations at 2%. In Friuli-Venezia Giulia we have the lowest figure: nine patients in the Covid wards and zero in intensive care.

Do you have a strategy for converting No vax?
There is no magic formula, there is a government campaign and there are targeted campaigns by the Regions to reach those at risk. We are sending letters to those over 60 who have not yet joined the vaccination campaign, explaining why it is necessary. Those who are absolutely against it will hardly be convinced, but there is a band of undecided people still too conditioned by fake news: someone even came to tell me that vaccinated people need to be isolated for a few days because they are carriers of the virus. Truth must be opposed to lies.

Green pass Italian, French or Salvini?
Here, too, balance is needed. I agree with Salvini, the certificate cannot be requested even for going to the bathroom. If the increase in infections is contained and the hospital structures hold, it can be used to restart the activity of discos, stadiums, organizations of major events.

What if the hospitalization curve goes up again?
In that case, instead of generalized closures, we could decide to open all activities only to the vaccinated. But I hope it does not happen: it would be unfair to make sectors already penalized suffer.

Do you agree with the presidents of Sardinia and Sicily on the obligation of a tampon for arriving tourists?
Controlling entrances from high-risk countries is useful for everyone, even for tourists themselves, who feel reassured by health measures. mutual protection.

Hasn’t it already become one in Italy between political parties?
As president of the Region I can only say no to exploitation by politics. Mistakes can be made, but you still have to act in the collective interest. A pandemic cannot be ideologized. Although, true, there was temptation.

Did you personally increase the precautions against the Delta variant?
My precaution was to get vaccinated as soon as my turn came. Then I continue to respect social distancing and to wear the mask even outdoors in crowded places.

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