Coahuila: Relationship with Texas could save the state’s economy

Luis Carlos Valdes

Torreon, Coahuila / 26.07.2022 20:32:00

Carlos González Silva, president of Canacintra Torreón, described as positive the actions taken by the state government to strengthen relations with the government of Texas; Thus, he visualized that if it is possible to strengthen the trade of Coahuilawould increase the investments that they are leaving China and that they would arrive in Coahuila. In this way, problems in the economy that occur worldwide could be faced.

“Communication between Coahuila and Texas is important, that they come to Coahuila, and so we could hope that the recession does not hit us.”

He considered that he is betting on maintaining the state’s economy. If this is achieved, he said, the effects of a possible recession in 2023 would not be directly felt. But he specified that it depends on the Texas government having alliances with that of Coahuila, with all the new infrastructure that is going to be carried out and they, indirectly, help channel the investments to reach Coahuila.

González Silva explained that these actions would become “the lifesaver” of the economy, which is already impacted first by the issue of pandemic, then the issue of the breakdown of the supply chain, which produced an increase in the costs of the industrialists. Finally, he said that in the period between which prices settle, economic losses are generated:

“What is needed is to recover to be able to face a possible drop in sales,” he concluded.