DAMASK, Oct 13 – RIA News. An international coalition led by the United States used white phosphorus, banned by international resolutions, during an air strike on the city of Khadzhin. This is the agency SANA, citing local sources.

Tanks with explosives in the chemical laboratory of militants. Archival photo
In Syria, terrorists kidnapped chemical weapons and killed White Kaska activists

Several areas of the city, which is located 110 kilometers from Deir ez-Zor, were bombed.

According to the TV channel Ikhbariya, a blow fell on the Al-Sousse bakery, several civilians were killed and several were injured.

These are not the first attacks on Hadjin with the use of prohibited ammunition. As reported by the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, on September 8, two American F-15 aircraft used phosphorous shells to strike the city. As a result of the attack, strong fires broke out.

The coalition then stated that they were not armed with white phosphorus ammunition.

White phosphorus bombs are considered weapons of mass destruction. Their use is prohibited by the Additional Protocol to the 1949 Geneva Convention.

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