Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Codrin Stefanescu: And he put the devil tail in the PSD. The Grindeanu was Ponta, now the devil has not been identified


He said that “and put the devil tail in the PSD”, and if in the case of Sorin Grindeanu has been identified, as Victor Ponta, now “the devil has not been identified” and, probably, it is from outside the party. “Tudose’s not Grindeanu, we will defuse this whole situation on Monday,” said Stefanescu.
Codrin Stefanescu said, on Antena 3, that in the last days has received messages from over 100 mayors in the country which have attracted the attention that it can’t continue like this, he’s claiming that this is not about another case Grindeanu, but that it is “a serious problem”.
“As a result of statements of all kinds by some of my colleagues and the result of other things like lack of communication, the fact that a few days amplifies the situation in the party, we considered that it is very important to make a CEx flash months, as we settle all the problems from the inside and see how they got in the public space, these problems amplified. In the last few days we received an avalanche of messages from colleagues in the country as we settle, we talked with 100’s of mayors that attract the attention of decided that we can’t just sit and communicate to each as he wants and I don’t know why we’re arguing. (…) We had a good year, with good governance. (…) We will not discuss anything of what he expected to talk to Iasi. We’ll just talk about what bothers us, about how we arrived at the beginning of the year to be on all the pages of newspapers, here and abroad,” said Codrin Stefanescu.
He also said that “he put the devil tail in the PSD”. “I haven’t identified yet. The Grindeanu the devil was Ponta, now the devil is not from us, but from outside of the party and trying to make a thing more serious within the party. I have a conclusion required months and a joint press statement, for one million party members and by the romans who voted for us are eyes on us,” said deputy secretary general of the PSD.
Ştefănescu believes that, most likely, the statement will be one “of peace” – “we will stay with the same leadership of the party, the Government will continue to do its job, and the leaders of the territory to promote the program of the government.”
“Tudose’s not Grindeanu. With Grindeanu I tried to solve the problem until the last second. When the devil Ponta came near him, Grindeanu has gone crazy. I had to put a motion against a man. It’s not the same situation. We will ease this whole situation on Monday,” added Smith.
the Meeting of National Executive Committee of the PSD will be held on Monday at 16.00.

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