Cold to cool weather continues this Tuesday

A cold to cool climate, with a partially cloudy sky and variable winds will be the main characteristics of this new day throughout the national territory. The maximums will not exceed 22 ° C.

The temperatures recorded around 5.41 on Tuesday ranged between 3 ° C and 6.2 ° C. With these very low minimums, the appearance of frost in some areas of the country is not ruled out.

The maximum forecast for Asunción and the metropolitan area is 17 ° C, as in the South and East of the country.

In the North the temperature will reach 22 ° C, while in the Chaco a maximum of 21 ° C is expected.

From Wednesday the temperatures would gradually increase, the extremes would oscillate between 8 ° C and 25 ° C.

The probability of rainfall remains low across the country through the weekend.

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