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Cold wave in Florida causes park closures and ‘iguana rain’ – US and Canada – International

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The first cold wave of 2020 in Florida, where lows of up to 0 degrees Celsius have been recorded, This Wednesday forced the closure of some of the famous theme parks in the region and has caused a good number of iguanas to fall from the trees due to the low temperatures.

This is not something we normally predict, but don’t be surprised if you see iguanas falling from the trees tonight as temperatures drop to the 30s and 40s Fahrenheit. (-1 and 4 degrees centigrade) “, indicated the National Meteorological Service in its Twitter account.

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Iguanas are cold-blooded animals, and they tend to become practically immobile as temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, causing them to fall from trees, but it does not mean they are dead.

These reptiles are not the only animals that are affected by low temperatures, since of the 606 manatees that died in 2019 in Florida, 60 did so from “cold stress”, although the biggest cause of death for these animals is shocks with boats (137).

The meteorological services already warned this Tuesday of the drop in temperature that was registered in some states, but this Wednesday the minimums have continued to fall, and in places like Tampa the population woke up with the lowest temperatures of the last two years.

Counties like Citrus, Hernando and Pasco are in danger from cold until nine in the morning, a similar situation that has been repeated in different areas of the state of Florida.

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In Orlando, Universal’s Volcano Bay, Disney’s Aquatica Orlando and Blizzard Beach water parks closed due to this cold wave, as announced in their respective social networks, although for the moment the rest opened normally.

In cities like Miami, used to much warmer temperatures, the population has been forced to take their winter clothes out of the closet, and many have put on boots, gloves and hats to combat the inclement weather. The streets woke up deserted, while the little ones struggled to get to the school bus as quickly as possible or waited in the heat of the home to avoid spending the least time on the street.

This unusual image of the city is contrasted with the typical Caribbean temperatures that allow Miamians, and many other Floridians, to live all year in sandals, shorts and a T-shirt.

Many Twitter users posted about it and echoed the drop in temperatures, and some were glad it was finally chilly in Florida.
It’s finally cold enough in Florida to wear my winter clothes. “, user Candleshoe posted on his Twitter account.

Others like Baccwooddee were caught by surprise and would rather have warmer temperatures, and seem concerned if one of these “frozen iguanas” falls on their head.

I can’t stay in Florida, it’s cold and it has started to rain iguanas “, indicated in a publication of this same social network.

Authorities in Broward County (north of Miami) also issued a warning for the drop in temperatures, and shelters such as the Salvation Army opened the doors for homeless families.

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The workers of this organization, which is located in a region with more than a million inhabitants, hope to welcome a hundred more people during this cold wave than usual.



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