The Association of Consumers and Users of Chile (Agrecu) filed a claim before the Court for the Defense of Free Competition, demanding compensation from Cencosud, Walmart and SMU for their role in the so-called collusion of supermarkets over the price of chickens.

In the legal action, to which he had access Cooperative, the recurring They ask that the chains pay a compensation of 50 thousand pesos to each Chilean.

“We estimate that a fair and representative figure of the damage caused should amount to 10 percent of sales affected by anti-competitive conduct, in the periods already defined in the proceedings that precede this libel; consequently, it corresponds to Cencosud 44,354 UTA, to SMU 26,446 UTA and Walmart 42,923 UTA “, the text reads.

Agrecu states that “as non-pecuniary damage, we consider that collusion was an act that affected all Chileans, as expressly stated in the SS judgment itself, which indicates that affected more than 90 percent of the chicken market nationwide, compensation for non-material damage must be increased by a sum in UF as of today equivalent to $ 50,000 for each consumer, considering as such any buyer over 18 years of age “.

The president of Agrecu, the lawyer Andres Parra, indicated that “the supermarkets and chains that are involved have an effect at the national level, it does not distinguish a locality or a specific sector, it is the court itself that speaks of an effect at the national level. “

“Even the chicken producers have been sued and we are not suing the producers today, but the supermarkets, due to the Supreme Court ruling that was finalized, that is why we sue as soon as the sentence was executed”, manifested.

Conadecus questions legal action

Hernan Calderon, president of Conadecus, raised in conversation with A new morning that “here is something that is not right, because class action lawsuits cannot be filed at this time, because there is a voluntary procedure that Sernac opened “.

“Most likely, this lawsuit will not be granted admissibility in the Free Competition Defense Court,” he said.

Calderón explained that the president of Agrecu -who worked with them previously- is sitting “a bad precedent” with this legal action.


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