Columbia – Fuller’s failed signing with the League raises the question: Is there mistrust on wingers, or was it a strategy?

Sports manager confesses that everything possible was done to sign Fuller, but denies that it was due to distrust of the current right backs. Lleida’s objective was to lend Smith and create a competition between Salvatierra and the Florian lane. In the end, alternative fell.

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The Alajuelense sports manager, Agustín Lleida, assures that there is no distrust towards the right wingers of the first team, José Salvatierra and Ian Smith, despite the fact that the club did everything possible to sign Herediano’s side, Keysher Fuller.

Fuller, who concluded a contract with the ‘Team’ at the end of this semester, negotiated a possible link with Alajuelense before playing the ‘Final Four’ tournament with the ‘Sele’.

However, the full-back chose to accept the offer of Florian renewal and will remain in the red-and-yellow ranks.

Lleida confessed that the goal of the club was to sign Fuller to open a competition with José Salvatierra. Instead, Smith would go on loan to another team in order to accumulate minutes and then return to Alajuelense with more shooting.

Smith, 22, and a World Cup winner in Russia 2018, has not yet managed to consolidate in Alajuelense, despite the fact that he came to the club with high expectations.

In addition to his experience in a major world cup, playing two minor appointments (one U-17 and another U-20) and as a soldier in Swedish football, at this moment he is the substitute for Salvatierra and, certainly, his performance is less than the one reflected on your poster.

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Even so, Lleida defended the quality of its sides.

“There is no type of distrust (in Salvatierra or Smith), what happens is that if another full-back (Fuller) had joined, we had the possibility of giving minutes on a loan to Ian Smith, who is 22 years old and has an impressive future. ahead, “Lleida explained.

“It could be a good strategy to have Ian on loan enjoying many minutes elsewhere,” he added.

Even though Smith is well below expectations, the sports manager defended his quality.

Although he explained what happened with Fuller and the League’s interest in signing him.

“Having two very competitive full-backs (Salvatierra and Fuller) was an option that was valued and ultimately did not materialize. There was a lot of talk about that issue, it was nothing more than leaked (to the press), but from day to day those steps are part of our work and are normal, “added Lleida.

Regarding the reinforcements in the squad and the possibility of a new footballer coming to the team, the manager of the sports area of ​​the League was blunt in saying that only if a player leaves the club for an option abroad, would the alternative of sign a new player.

Affirming feeling satisfied with the purchase of the card for central Alexis Gamboa and goalkeeper Leonel Moreira.

“The message with the issue of the signings was very clear that the objective was to keep the squad. As Gamboa who is in the national team at 21 years old and will be the central defender of Costa Rica in the next decade, he will be a very important player. We assured Leo Moreira, who is now a league tab. From there I think we have a very competitive team, “Lleida stressed.

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“We could see it last semester, last season the League set the tone and the main thing was to maintain that group, if there is any way out we could consider (a signing) and if not we are happy with what we have,” he concluded.