Comeos: “Open catering industry on March 21, economic and social …


The catering industry must reopen completely on 21 March. That is what trade organization Comeos says in Het Laatste Nieuws. “Decision must be taken by Consultation Committee on Friday.”

On March 21, the catering industry in Belgium will be closed for eight months due to corona. “All that time, 80,000 people are technically unemployed at home and the sector is suffering enormous losses. It is now really time to reopen ”, says Dominique Michel, CEO of Comeos, in Het Laatste Nieuws. “The economic and social consequences are almost impossible to correct.”

He therefore argues for a complete reopening of the catering industry on 21 March. Only the terraces or only the restaurants and not the cafes, that is not possible according to him. “Everyone is equal”, says Michel. He can be found for additional security measures: a general closing time at 11 pm, a mandatory CO2 meter and chairs that are 1.5 meters apart from each other. But he does ask himself questions when collecting customer data. According to Comeos, nothing would have been done with this by the contact tracers.

According to Michel, the decision must be made on Friday at the Consultation Committee so that the sector can start organizing itself. “A reopening a few days after the announcement is not realistic.”



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