Complications of Diabetes that Make You Terrible, From Heart Disease to Blindness

VIVA – Diabetics must keep their blood sugar levels under control. Because if diabetes gets worse, it can cause various complications that are no less terrible.

One of the complications of diabetes is that it can trigger heart function problems caused by blockages in blood vessels.

“So, there are two blood vessels that can be affected if we have diabetes. Namely large blood vessels and small blood vessels. At the time of diabetes, a lot of plaque or blockage of blood vessels. If the arteries block the heart in the coronary system, a heart attack will occur. , “said dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono, SpPD-KEMD, PhD on broadcast Healthy life of tvOne.

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Doctor Dante further explained, if there is a blockage of blood vessels in the head, then the complication that will occur is a stroke.

“That is what we know as complications of stroke in diabetes. Meanwhile, other blockages can be in small blood vessels, blindness can occur in the eyes, kidney complications occur in the kidneys, and also in the nerves, nerve disorders can occur in the legs,” he continued.

Dante explained, the complications of diabetes that occur in Asian people are different from those of Europeans. Asian people are more likely to develop complications in the kidneys.

“In Asians, kidney damage occurs more easily in diabetic patients. So, if there is diabetes, the small blood vessels are disturbed, one of which is the kidneys, so the kidneys have abnormalities,” said doctor Dante.

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