Condor also replaces entire short and medium-haul fleet

Last year, Condor placed an order for sixteen Airbus A330-900s to replace the Boeing 767s. Those devices will be available from this fall. In the coming years, Condor will therefore replace all its aircraft. As a result, the Germans say they will soon have one of the most modern and environmentally friendly fleets in Europe. Currently, the fleet is quite old, with an average of nineteen years.

“At the beginning of 2024, our entire long-haul fleet has been replaced by the latest 2-litre aircraft, making it an obvious next step for us to also modernize our short- and medium-haul fleet,” said Condor CEO Ralf Teckentrup.

By ‘2-litre aircraft’ he refers to the A330-900, which, according to Condor, uses 2 liters of kerosene per passenger to travel 100 kilometers. The consumption of the A320neo and A321neo is even slightly lower, at 1.9 and 1.7 liters per 100 passenger kilometers respectively.

At the beginning of last year, investment company Attestor took a majority stake in Condor. Since then, the German airline has been investing heavily. A new color scheme has also been introduced, replacing the old Thomas Cook-based style. That tour operator was the owner of Condor until bankruptcy in 2019.


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