Conor McGregor opens up about his future, Jorge Masvidal threatens him severely

Currently in the South of France, Conor McGregor is quietly preparing his return to the octagon. A few hours ago, the Notorious delivered on his future and his desire to do boxing again. During this time, Jorge Masvidal took the liberty of threatening the Dublin native.

« I will give everything in me to kill him »

It is in an interview given to Sky Sports from Monaco that McGregor confided. In remarks transcribed by La Sueur, the Notorious declared: My body is doing well. After that, we will intensify the training little by little. I should be able to kick now. I’m due for another CT scan in the next few days. Then I will be allowed to knock. Once I can do that and grapple, I’ll be back in no time. Boxing training is going well, bodybuilding too. That’s all. I can not wait to return. Obviously, my return will be in the octagon for the UFC in mixed martial arts. This story is far from over. In fact, this history is being written. She is just beginning. This is where I will return. But boxing, I’ll grace the ring again in the future. »

Still plagued by numerous legal problems following his fight against Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal would like to rub shoulders with McGregor. In an interview given to ESPN DeportesGamebred declares (words transcribed by The sweat) : «It is wrong. He knows I’m a hard hitting guy and I’m here to kill. I don’t come into the cage to cuddle. I will give everything in me to kill him. I have a little advantage, although now he’s shooting, he puts steroids and all kinds of things in his body. He’s still a little boy. I would love to face him at 77 kg, but I’m not waiting for anyone. If he wants to do it, I’ll kick his ass. If he does not wish to do so, let someone come in his place! »