Consumption claims insurance for dental clinics and avoid cases like Dentix

The objective is avoid repeating cases such as Dentix, which left unattended in the Balearic Islands almost 4,000 people, according to the data provided by the Government.

The goal that this department has set is that this regulations are drawn up by the central government, for which the corresponding meetings will be held with the Ministry that directs Alberto Garzon.

Félix Alonso made this appeal in his appearance before the Autonomous Chamber to provide information on the actions that have been developed in the islands in relation to the bankruptcy that Dentix presented in 2020 and that left almost 4,000 people unattended in the archipelago, although after the purchase of the company by Vitaldent, it is committed to providing this service to most of those affected in the clinics acquired from the bankrupt company, one in Palma and another in Maó, or in the three of its own in the archipelago.

The data provided by the General Directorate of Consumption is estimated at 1,493 those affected in Palma, who had paid treatments worth 2,453,721 euross; 496 in Inca, with an amount of 908,689 euros; 618 and a value of 857,505 euros in Manacor; 697 people and 936,188 euros in Eivissa; and 618 affected and 857,505 euros in the case of Maó.

Regarding the actions carried out by the General Directorate in relation to this issue, Félix Alonso recalled that the Consumer Attention service informed the people who had been affected by the suspension of the contracted services of the possibility of contact the financial institution with which they had signed the credit to pay them in order to request the suspension of such disbursements or cancellation of the loan, as provided in current legislation.

This same service has acted as mediator with the aforementioned financial entities. In the cases in which said mediation has not been successful, the file has been sent to the Claims service of the Bank of Spain, since this is the competent body in these situations.

In addition, it has been offered advice to those affecteds for the closure of Dentix, and from the outset this case was brought to the attention of the National Policel.

Meetings have also been held on two occasions with the Official College of Dentists of the Balearic Islands and with the associations and platforms formed by disadvantaged clients.

Face-to-face care for those affected has been developed in the Consumer House located in the neighborhood of Pere Garau.

Finally, Félix Alonso promised that his department will continue working to avoid ‘aggressive, misleading and unfair advertising»Carried out by companies in the media and on social networks.

The bankruptcy has meant “a very great suffering” to those affected

The bankruptcy of Dentix has caused “great suffering” to those affected. These are the words of the general director of Consumption, Félix Alonso, who assured yesterday in Parliament that the concern about this matter a few months ago is not the same as it is now, since at that time “the situation was of great anguish and now there is some lightening ».

According to Alonso, the situation arising from the Dentix bankruptcy “is entering a certain normality”, after more than 3,800 people have been affected in the Balearic Islands. “Unlike other autonomous communities, we have become more involved than we had to,” he indicated, on the other hand, about his work on the Dentix case.