Coordinating Minister Teten Will Reduce the Number of Micro Enterprises in RI

Bali, CNN Indonesia

Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (Menko UKM) Teten Masduki will reduce the amount micro business in Indonesia.

“We want micro (business) to be reduced. Not increased,” said Teten at the Launching of the East Smesco Hub, Bali, Friday (30/9).

If micro-enterprises continue to grow and multiply, continued Teten, it means that Indonesia has failed to develop the formal economic sector. In other words, RI failed to build industry.



“Often when I meet the regional head, I report to me, it’s good, and there are a lot of micro. That means we failed to build the formal economic sector. We failed to build industry, so people don’t have jobs, so we end up making food stalls, making porridge, chips, crackers and so on. ,” said Teten.

On the other hand, Teten said that around 19.5 million to 20 million MSMEs have entered the digital ecosystem at this time. He targets 30 million MSMEs to enter the digital sector by 2024.

“Today our digitization has reached 19.95 million, almost 20 million (MSMEs) and our target is 30 million by 2024. However, I am also still sad because the majority of products sold are imported,” explained Teten.

He added that the digital value of the Indonesian economy was more than Rp. 300 trillion. For this reason, Teten hopes that the number of MSMEs entering the digital ecosystem will continue to increase.

[Gambas:Video CNN]


[Gambas:Video CNN]