Coralie Porrovecchio Reveals the Face of Her Second Child, Kingsley, and Fans are in Love

Par Solene V

– Published on June 01, 2023 at 11:22

Coralie Porrovecchio has become the mother of two little boys: Leeroy and Kingsley. For the first time, she reveals the face of her second child.

Coralie Porrovecchio is a former reality TV candidate who has participated in several shows, including Secret Story or Les Anges. But for a few years, the young woman has moved away from this environment and has decided to start her family. It is therefore with his darling, the footballer Boubacar Camara, that she welcomed two children. Two baby boys named Leeroy and Kingsley. Very discreet about her private life, the young mother has long preserved the face of her eldest, Leeroy, in order to avoid malicious comments about her.

It was only a few months after his birth, on the occasion of his first birthday, that Coralie Porrovecchio had chosen to show his face in broad daylight. Very well received by his community, the little one had received a wave of kind and positive comments. However, this did not prevent the young woman from reiterating for her second child, Kingsley. Born on January 10, 2022, Internet users still did not know his face, more than a year after his birth. And in this month of May 2023, Coralie finally took the plunge by revealing a sweet video of his son on his Instagram account!

Coralie Porrovecchio reveals the face of her son, the canvas is under the spell!

Coralie Porrovecchio unveiled for the first time the face of her son Kingsley. And we can say it, it’s his spitting image! If the young mother was afraid of malicious and negative comments about her baby boy, it was actually quite the opposite. His few million followers did not fail to express their joy at the sight of this pretty face. Thus, we can read in the comments of his publication: ” Too handsome ! “, ” A beauty “. Or : “How he looks like you, coco! I adore ““Too beautiful this little King”, ” He is so cute ! »“Too cute, and he seems really very sweet and nice baby King”. Without counting on his fellow influencers like Charlene Lemer and Amélie Neten who also shared their admiration for this little boy.

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